UPSC Prelims 2021 complete study package for general studies paper 1

UPSC Prelims 2021 complete study package for general studies paper 1. We strongly recommend all serious aspirants join our mock test program. Our strategies are integrated with our mock exams.

Techniques and exam skills are as important as knowledge to clear UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). MYUPSC has developed various techniques to clear UPSC IAS exam with ease. Some of them:

  • Memory Techniques
  • Question Paper Solving Techniques
  • Intelligent Elimination Techniques

Productive Tip: Whenever you feel that learning from textbooks is of too much effort, and you feel time-crunched, focus more on MYUPSC Online Mocks. For example, if you need to revise NCERT History, take MYUPSC Mock Exam dedicated for NCERT History. By adopting this approach, you can learn 100 most probable questions from NCERT History in just 2-3 hours!

  1. Make a timetable, which suits your requirement. We suggest a plan which has 9-hours devoted to studies every day.
  2. Rather than trying to finish a subject (which will never happen), try to split your time for all subjects – every day.
  3. Make notes and mind maps, if you come across a difficult concept.
  4. Revise whatever you studied for each subject the previous day, in the first 15 minutes of your next day.
  5. Spend weekends, entirely for revision of textbooks and revision of mock exams.
  6. If you take 1 mock exam each day, you can cover all 40 mock exams in 40 days!
  7. If you take 2 mock exams /day, you can cover 40 mock exams in 20 days!

This means it would not take much time to learn 4000+ questions and 4000+ important concepts. This would make a big difference.


As the time left is limited, for the best return on investment, we suggest the below books.

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