New Batch for UPSC IAS Prelims 2021 Test Series

MYUPSC has announced a new batch of UPSC Prelims Online Mock Test Series 2021. The Batch is intended to help IAS aspirants who start preparation now for UPSC IAS Prelims 2021.

The new exam date for IAS Prelims is October 10, 2021.

With an adequate mix of static topics and current affairs, our aim is to help MYUPSC Prelims Test Series Subscribers clear UPSC Prelims, no matter how difficult UPSC sets the question paper. There are 50 online mock exams in the series. The first mock exam (NCERT History) is scheduled to start on May 24th.

Test Series available in both Hindi and English medium.

Click here to join – UPSC Prelims Test Series 2021.

Test Schedule

S. No.Name of TestDate of Test
 5Art & Culture2/06/2021
 6Science & Technology5/06/2021
 7Current Affairs8/06/2021
 8History + Current Affairs10/06/2021
 9Polity + Current Affairs13/06/2021
 10Geography + Current Affairs17/06/2021
 11Economy + Current Affairs20/06/2021
 12Art & Culture + Current Affairs24/06/2021
 13Science & Technology + Current Affairs27/06/2021
 14History + Current Affairs30/06/2021
 15Polity + Current Affairs1/07/2021
 16Geography + Current Affairs4/07/2021
 17Economy + Current Affairs7/07/2021
 18Art & Culture + Current Affairs10/07/2021
 19Science & Technology + Current Affairs13/07/2021
 20Full Length Test 117/07/2021
 21Full Length Test 221/07/2021
 22Full Length Test 324/07/2021
 23Full Length Test 427/07/2021
 24Full Length Test 530/07/2021
 25Full Length Test 62/08/2021
 26Full Length Test 75/08/2021
 27Full Length Test 88/08/2021
 28Full Length Test 910/08/2021
 29Full Length Test 1012/08/2021
 30Full Length Test 1115/08/2021
 31Full Length Test 1218/08/2021
 32Full Length Test 1322/08/2021
 33Full Length Test 1426/08/2021
 34Full Length Test 1530/08/2021
 35Full Length Test 162/09/2021
 36Full Length Test 174/09/2021
 37Full Length Test 187/09/2021
 38Full Length Test 199/09/2021
 39Full Length Test 2012/09/2021
 40Full Length Test 2115/09/2021

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