HPSC HCS Mains 2021 General Studies Test 1

HCS (Main) Exam 2021 General Studies

Practice Test 1 – History

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                 M.M.: 100


(1) All Questions are Compulsory.

(2) The number of Marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question

(3) Clearly mention question number and part number before attempting

(a) The part of the same question must be answered together and must not be interposed between answers to other questions.

(5) Limit your answer to the word limits mentioned for each part. Divide your time proportionately for each question

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Q1. The role played by B R Ambedkar has helped in nation-building and continues to have a prominent impact on the present Indian socio-economic-political setup. Discuss. (250 words) 10

Q2. The Socio-Religious reformers of the 19-20th century aimed at modernization rather than westernization. Discuss. (200 words) 10

Q3. Write briefly on any four out of the following: (About 50 words each) 4×2.5=10

  1. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  5. Subhash Chandra Bose

Q4. Answer any one of the following (250 words): 10

a. What was the Butler Committee Report? Discuss the reactions on the report in India?

b. Why did Jinnah reject C R Formula?

Q5. Answer any two of the following (about 150 words): 2 × 10 = 20

a. Trace the growth of the Indian Home Rule Movement in Britain.

b. Evaluate the attitudes of different political parties towards Quit India Movement.

c. Review the ‘Dickie Bird Plan’

Q6. Write about the following (100 words each): 8 × 2 = 16

  1. Anandamath
  2. Bismillah Khan
  3. Chris Evert
  4. Chamber of Princes
  5. Dharma Sabha
  6. Keshab Chandra Sen
  7. Satyagraha
  8. Theodore Beck

Q7. Answer any two of the following (in about 100 words each): 2 × 5 = 10

a. What led to the partition of Bengal in 1905?

b. Write a note on the Theosophical Society.

c. Discuss the main findings of the Hartog Committee (1929).

Q8. Write about the following (50 words each): 7 × 2 = 14

  1. Upanishads
  2. Vajrayana
  3. Kumarsambhav
  4. Razmnama
  5. Muhammad Barkatullah
  6. Jyotirao Phule
  7. Mirza Haidar

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