HPSC HCS Prelims Test Series 2021: General Science Test 1

HPSC HCS Prelims Test Series 2021: General Science Test 1: Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) HCS Prelims Mock Test Series 2021: Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) is going to conduct the HCS Prelims Exam 2021 for the recruitment of candidates for different posts like SDM, Deputy Superintendent of Police, A Class Tehsildar, ETO and many more. The Preparation can’t be done without taking Mock Test Series for HCS Prelims. The HCS Prelims Mock test series not only enhances the knowledge but also provide a simulated practice for the Examination.



  • General Science.
  • Current events of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography.
  • Indian Culture, Indian Polity and Indian Economy.
  • General Mental Ability.
  • Haryana-Economy and people. Social, economic and culture institutions and language of Haryana.

Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of science including matters of everyday observation and experience, as may be expected of a well educated person who has not made a special study of any particular scientific discipline. In current events, knowledge of significant national and international events will be tested. In History of India, emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic and political aspects. Questions on the Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the nineteenth century resurgence, growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence. In Geography, emphasis will be on Geography of India. Questions on the Geography of India will relate to physical, social and economic Geography of the country, including the main features of Indian agricultural and natural resources. Questions on Indian Polity and Economy will test knowledge on the country‘s political system and Constitution of India. Panchayati Raj, social systems and economic developments in India. On general mental ability, the candidates will be tested on reasoning and analytical abilities.

We have designed our HCS Prelims Mock Test Series keeping these points in mind HPSC HCS Prelims 2021 is consists of two papers: – Paper-I is General Studies and Paper-II is CSAT.

2. Civil Services Aptitude Test

  • Comprehension
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • General mental ability
  • Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, order of magnitude, etc.-Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, date sufficiency etc. – Class X-level).

  • Important Point: Those aspirants/students joined this programme will get the answer key / detailed solution on the same day of test in the evening (between 8 PM to 10 PM). ignore if you have already joined.

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Pick your Pen and Paper, attempt the questions exactly like HPSC HCS Exam (HCS Prelims Exam is not computer based). If you want to know your ranking send us your OMR / Answer Sheet to : thesupermanreturns61@gmail.com or in the comment section. “Be honest with yourself”

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1. Pune is set to host the fifth edition of the Asia Pacific Drosophila Research Conference. What is a Drosophila?

(A) An Insect
(B) A Fish
(C) A plant
(D) Bacteria

2. Which country recently launched a driver-less bullet train with the speed up to 350 km/h?

(A) Russia
(B) China
(C) Singapore

3. Which country has launched a 4 million pound – ‘Innovation Challenge Fund’ in India?

(A) Egypt
(B) Zimbabwe
(C) United Kingdom
(D) Lebanon

4. Which international Smartphone firm recently signed an MoU with IIT- Hyderabad for Research and Development projects?

(A) Xiaomi
(C) Huawei
(D) Vivo

5. The Scientists at Indian Veterinary Research Institute have recently developed a low-cost vaccine for which disease?

(A) Bird Flu
(B) Swine Fever
(C) Foot and Mouth Disease
(D) Monkey pox

6. The cyber security project codenamed Dejfa, that was recently making news, belongs to which country?

(A) Pakistan
(B) Iran
(C) Malaysia
(D) China

7. ‘Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cells (PEMFC)’, which was making news recently, is to be deployed in which field?

(A) Disaster Management
(B) Fuel Conservation
(C) Renewable Energy
(D) Marine Technology

8. The research centre of which organisation have developed full-body disinfection chamber called ‘Personnel Sanitization Enclosure’?

(A) Defence Research and Development Organisation
(B) All India Institute of Medical Science
(C) Indian Institute of Science
(D) Bharat Electronics Limited

9. IIT-Roper has developed a technology to sanitise groceries and currency Explanation from Covid-19. In which state is the institution located?

(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Punjab
(C) Odisha
(D) Bihar

10. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has approved the diagnostic machines used for testing which disease, for testing coronavirus samples?

(A) Tuberculosis
(B) Pneumonia
(C) Chronic Bronchitis
(D) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

11. Knot is a unit of _________?

(A) Speed
(B) Distance
(C) Deapth
(D) Accelration

12.Consider the following statements:

  1. A tennis ball and a football can have equal kinetic energy if they have equal velocities
  2. A horse and a dog are running with the same speed; both have same kinetic energy

Which among the above statements is / are correct?

(A) Only 1 is correct
(B) Only 2 is correct
(C) Both 1 & 2 are correct
(D) Neither 1 nor 2 is correct

13.Which among the following appear giving different colours mainly due to the phenomenon of interference?

  1. A soap bubble
  2. Rainbow
  3. Oil slick on wet road

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

(A) Only 1 & 2
(B) Only 2 & 3
(C) Only 1 & 3
(D) 1, 2 & 3

14.Among Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiations:
1. The Alpha Particles have highest ionising power but least penetrating power
2. The Gamma radiations have highest penetration power but lowest ionising power
Which among the above is / are correct statements?

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

15.Which among the following keep changing for a body in uniform circular motion?
1. Speed
2. Amplitude
3. Velocity
4. Acceleration
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:

(A) Only 1 & 2
(B) Only 2 & 3
(C) Only 3 & 4
(D) Only 1 & 4

16.With reference to the phase changes in matter, which of the following is / are correct statements?

  1. When a liquid freezes, it releases thermal energy into its immediate environment.
  2. When a solid melts, it releases thermal energy into its immediate environment.
  3. When a solid melts, its temperature increases

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 1 & 2
(C) Only 1 & 3
(D) 1, 2 & 3

17.The X-ray crystallography mainly uses which among the following properties of electromagnetic radiation?

(A) Reflection
(B) Diffraction
(C) Interference
(D) Refraction

18.The speed of the sound increases when there is an increase in the
1. temperature
2. moisture
Select the correct option from the codes given below:

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

19.In which among the following, the speed of sound would be maximum?

(A) Dry air at 0°C
(B) Dry air at 30°C
(C) Humid air at 0°C
(D) Humid air at 30°C

20.Consider the following statements:
1. Largest fraction of electricity generated in India is coal based
2. Majority of imported coal in India is used in electricity production
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

21.Two pieces of ice at 0°C would freeze together if pressed against each other and then released. In this context, which among the following is the correct principle in action in this?

(A) The melting point of pure ice decreases with pressure.
(B) The melting point of pure ice increases with Pressure
(C) The melting point of pure ice first increases, then decreases with pressure
(D) The melting point of pure ice first decreases then increases with pressure

22. Which among the following compound is most commonly used in the Photochromic lenses?

(A) Potassium Dichromate
(B) Silver Chloride
(C) Potassium ferrate
(D) Ferric Chloride

23. Which among the following orbits are more prone to harms of space debris or space Junk in comparison to others?

(A) Polar Sun Synchronous Orbit
(B) Low Earth Orbit
(C) Geosynchronous orbit
(D) Geostationary Orbit

24. While passing over an obstacle a light ray slightly bends round the corner. The phenomenon is known as__:

(A) Scattering
(B) Polarization
(C) Diffraction
(D) Refraction

25. Which among the following Radio frequencies are used around the world in air navigational system?

(A) Very Low Frequency (VLF)
(B) Very High Frequency (VHF)
(C) Tetrahertz Radiation (THF)
(D) Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

26.A person runs up two flights of stairs instead of walking up. The person feels more tired because ___?

(A) He does more work when he runs in comparison to when he walks
(B) His power output is greater when he runs in comparison to when he walks
(C) His gravitational force is greater when he runs in comparison to when he walks
(D) He has more inertia when he runs in comparison to when he walks

27. Consider the following statements with respect to LIGO project, which is sometimes seen in news: 

  1. LIGO project helps to understand Earth’s interior by studying seismic waves.
  2. India is a partner in LIGO project.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(A) Only 1
(B) Only 2
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) neither 1 nor 2

28. Consider the following statements with respect to electromagnetic spectrum:

  1. Gamma rays have higher frequency than X-rays.
  2. Microwaves have a higher energy than radio waves.
  3. Infrared has longer wavelengths than ultraviolet.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(A) Only 1 & 2
(B) Only 2 & 3
(C) Only 1 & 3
(D) 1, 2 & 3

29.Speed of light will be maximum in which of the following mediums? 

(A) Water
(B) Kerosene
(C) Flint Glass
(D) Diamond

30.The spray bottles used as window or household cleaner or perfume spray works on:

(A) Capillary action
(B) Bernoulli’s Principle
(C) Pascal’s Law
(D) Stoke’s Law

31.Which of the following is the most commonly used chemical for ripening of mangoes in India?

(A) Potassium Iodide
(B) Silver Iodide
(C) Ammonium Nitrate
(D) Calcium Carbide

32.Which of the following is the poorest conductor of heat in comparison to other options?

(A) Silver
(B) Copper
(C) Lead
(D) Mercury

33.The aqueous solution of which among the following acids is called Vinegar? 

(A) Oxalic acid
(B) Citric acid
(C) Acetic acid
(D) Hydrochloric acid

34.What is the common name of analgesic and antipyretic drug acetylsalicylic acid?

(A) Paracetamol
(B) Aspirin
(C) Wintergreen
(D) Trazodone

35.“Oil of mirbane” is the most common name of which among the following?

(A) Phenol
(B) Toluene
(C) Phenolphthalein
(D) Nitrobenzene

36.Which among the following is known as Quick Lime?

(A) CaO
(B) CaCO2
(C) Ca(OH)2
(D) CaCl2

37.Which among the following chemicals is used in Photography?

(A) Silver Bromide
(B) Potassium Chloride
(C) Sodium Bromide
(D) Magnesium Chloride

38.Which among the following minerals is also known as Horn Silver?

(A) Silver Iodide
(B) Silver Chroride
(C) Zinc Phosphate
(D) Silver Sulphide

39.Which among the following was first human-made plastic?

(A) Bakelite
(B) Polyethene
(C) Celluloid
(D) Nylon

40. The largest component of Coal gas is__?

(A) Methane
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Carbon Dioxide
(D) Carbon Monoxide

41. Consider the following matches:

  1. Cassiterite – Tin
  2. Halite – Sulphur
  3. Guano – Phosphate

Which of the above is / are correct?

(A) Only 1 & 2
(B) Only 2 & 3
(C) Only 1 & 3
(D) 1, 2 & 3

42. Acid rain is capable of damaging the buildings and historic monuments which are made up of rocks such as limestone and marble. Which among the following is the end product of such

(A) Quick Lime
(B) Calcium Carbonate
(C) Calcium Hydroxide
(D) Gypsum

43.Nerve agents are a class of:

(A) phosphorus-containing organic chemicals
(B) sulphur-containing organic chemicals
(C) osmium-containing organic compounds
(D) radon-containing organic compounds

44.  Which of the following increases with increase of highly soluble impurities in water?

  1. Melting point
  2. Boiling point
  3. Surface tension

  Select the correct option from codes given below:

(A) 1 & 2 Only
(B) 3 Only
(C) 2 & 3 Only
(D) 1, 2 & 3

45.Which of the following chemicals is also known as “Vitriol of clay”?

(A) Aluminium sulphate
(B) Sodium silicate
(C) Zinc sulphate
(D) Copper(II) sulphate

46.    Consider the following statements:

  1. Addition of salt to pure water increases the boiling point of water and decreases the freezing point of water
  2. When methyl alcohol is added to water, boiling point of water decreases

    Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(A) 1 Only
(B) 2 Only
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

47.Which of the following chemicals is called Philosopher’s Wool?

(A) Brimstone
(B) Zinc oxide
(C) Magnesium hydroxide
(D) Potassium nitrate

48. Consider the following statements about Gas Hydrates:

  1. Gas hydrates are crystalline form of methane and water
  2. They are mainly found in marine sediments on continental shelf margins

  Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(A) 1 Only
(B) 2 Only
(C) Both 1 & 2
(D) Neither 1 nor 2

49.What is the body called which does not have any tendency to recover its original configuration, on the removal of deforming force?

(A) Perfectly plastic
(B) Perfectly elastic
(C) Perfectly ductile
(D) None of the above

50.In which form is the work done in stretching a wire stored as?

(A) Kinetic energy
(B) Potential energy
(C) Heat energy
(D) Electrical energy

51.A doctor, while using the Sphygmomanometer to measure the blood pressure of a patient, also uses the Stethoscope to listen a whooshing sound of blood, in which among the following arteries?

(A) Radial Artery
(B) Brachial Artery
(C) Auxiliary Artery
(D) Median Artery

52.In genetics, the Reverse transcriptase helps in which among the following transcriptions?

(A) Single stranded DNA into double stranded DNA
(B) Single stranded RNA into double stranded DNA
(C) Single Stranded RNA into double stranded RNA
(D) Double Stranded DNA into single stranded RNA

53.The branch of science Herpatology deals with the study of?

(A) Fishes
(B) Insects
(C) Snakes
(D) Amphibians and Reptiles

54.In Mammalian embryo, which among the following is the outermost membrane that serves as exchange between embryo and environment?

(A) Amnion
(B) Allantois
(C) Chorion
(D) Yolk sac

55.Which among the following Vitamin is also known as Tocoferol?

(A) Vitamin D
(B) Vitamin E
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Vitamin B

56.Fatigue is caused because of formation and depositing of which among the following acids in Muscles?

(A) Lactic Acid
(B) Acetic acid
(C) Citric Acid
(D) Pyruvic acid

57.“Minimata Disease ” is a severe neurological syndrome caused by eating fish and discovered in Japan. What was factor behind this disease?

(A) Arsenic Poisoning
(B) Mercury Poisoning
(C) Lead Poisoning
(D) Cadmium Poisoning

58.Which among the following blood protein regulates the amount of water in plasma?

(A) Globulin
(B) Albumin
(C) Fibrin
(D) Fibulin

59. Change in genetic composition of a population is called as?

(A) extinction
(B) evolution
(C) endemic
(D) vicariance

60.Stapes, the smallest and the lightest bone in human body, is the part of which organ ?

(A) Ear
(B) Nose
(C) Neck
(D) hand

61.Which among the following is called ‘queen of spices’?

(A) Cardamom
(B) Clove
(C) Turmeric
(D) None of the above

62.Which of the following is / are protein malnutrition disease(s)? 

  1. Marasmus 
  2. Kwashiorkor 
  3. Ketosis 

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

(A) Only 1 & 2
(B) Only 2 & 2
(C) Only 1 & 3
(D) 1, 2 & 3

63.Fructose is a form of carbohydrate synthesized in plants. It become table sugar by combining which of the following ?

(A) Glucose
(B) Galactose
(C) Maltose
(D) None of the above

64.Kwashiorkor disease is caused by the deficiency of which of the following ?

(A) Vitamins
(B) Proteins
(C) Fats
(D) Minerals

65.Calcium is required in plants in the formation of which of the following ?

(A) Cell Membrane
(B) Cell wall
(C) Cholorophyll
(D) None of the above

66.Which among the following is correct regarding Hemophilia?

(A) the disease is carried by females and expressed by males
(B) the disease is carried by males and expressed by females
(C) the disease is carried by males & females and expressed by males
(D) none of the above

67.Which among the following is / are correct regarding a mature sperm and ovum?

(A) They both are of approximately same size
(B) They both have equal number of Chromosomes
(C) They both contain flagella
(D) None of the above

68.Which among the following function as locus of biochemical reactions?

(A) Cell plasma
(B) Cell membrane
(C) Cell walls
(D) None of the above

69.Sexual cannibalism is a concept in which the female kills the male after mating and is normally found in _________?

(A) Dragon fly
(B) Spider
(C) Honey Bee
(D) None of the above

70.Which among the following is wood cellulose?

(A) Rayon
(B) Balata
(C) Cork
(D) None of the above

71.What is the name of the hackathon supported by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, which aims to find solutions for overcoming COVID-19 pandemic?

(A) Hack the Covid- India
(B) Hack the Crisis- India
(C) Hack Corona – India
(D) Covid Hack India

72.IIT-Ropar has developed a technology to sanitise groceries and currency explanation from Covid-19. In which state is the institution located?

(A) Madhya Pradesh
(B) Punjab
(C) Odisha
(D) Bihar

73.Apple recently partnered with which company to develop a technology solution for Contact Tracing activity?

(A) Microsoft
(C) Google
(D) Facebook

74.The Union Home ministry has flagged which video-conferencing software as vulnerable to cyber-crimes?

(A) Skype
(B) Zoom
(C) Duo
(D) Meet

75.Which country has successfully isolated the “monoclonal neutralising antibody”, which is considered as an important step in treatment of Covid-19?

(A) United States
(B) China
(C) Israel
(D) Italy

76.The TVS group and the Sundaram Medical Foundation collaborated with which institution to develop a respiratory device called ‘The Sundaram Ventago’?

(C) IIT-Madras
(D) IIT-Guwahati

77.Which technology company has banned Police from using its facial recognition software “Rekognition”?

(A) Google
(B) Amazon
(D) Apple

78.Which Technology company has announced a new global skills initiative, to train 25 million people worldwide?

(A) Google
(B) Microsoft
(C) Amazon
(D) Facebook

79.International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) that has developed ‘KritiScan’ system, is located in which city?

(A) Hyderabad
(B) Chennai
(C) Noida
(D) Bengaluru

80.Which space technology start-up has developed India’s first in-orbit space debris monitoring and tracking system?

(A) Digiantra Research and Technology
(B) Pixxel
(C) GrowX
(D) Astrome

81.Which institution has developed a method to detect corona virus infection using mass spectrometer?


82.Scientists at ARIES, Nainital have discovered a low concentration of Ozone over which city, compared to other urban regions?

(A) Shimla
(B) Guwahati
(C) Leh
(D) Gangtok

83.What is ‘PARAM Siddhi – AI’, that was seen in news recently?

(A) Super computer
(B) Robot
(C) Drone
(D) Missile

84. What is the name of the paper strip test for SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis to be rolled out by the Ministry of Health?


85. The rocket named New Shepard that is in news recently is associated with which space agency?

(C) Blue Origin
(D) Virgin Atlantic

86.NITI Aayog has established a Frontier Technologies Cloud Innovation Center with which technology major?

(A) Intel
(B) Microsoft
(C) Amazon
(D) Google

87.Microsoft has partnered with which space agency recently related to cloud computing?

(C) European Space Agency
(D) Space X

88.Sascan Meditech, a start-up of SCTIMST, has become the first start-up to develop a device to screen which disease?

(A) Oral Cancer
(B) Tuberculosis
(D) Breast Cancer

89.The Space Research organisation of which country has spotted Radio burst for the first time in Milky Way?

(A) United States
(B) India
(C) Russia
(D) China

90.Which company would be organizing a virtual event named ‘One More Thing’?

(B) Dell
(C) Microsoft
(D) Apple

91.Seismic Survey Campaign, which was seen in the news, is launched by which Indian company?

(A) Oil India Limited

92.Which country’s Central Bank is the first in the world to have one million Twitter followers?

(A) United States
(B) India
(C) Russia
(D) China

93.Which Indian PSU has launched the country’s first 100 Octane petrol?


94.Which is the knowledge partner of Microsoft for the India edition of the Imagine Cup 2021?

(A) National Skill Development Corporation
(B) NITI Aayog
(C) myGov
(D) Door Darshan

95.The 3D-object creation platform named “Poly” is operated by which technology major?

(A) Microsoft
(B) Google
(C) Intel
(D) Amazon

96.What is the name of the Meteor that originates from 3200 Phaethon Asteroid, and is visible in Earth as a meteor shower?

(A) Geminids meteor
(B) Granade meteor
(C) Ignius meteor
(D) Helios meteor

97. Which country’s space agency has recently approved two Sun-exploration heliophysics missions?

(A) India
(B) United States
(C) Russia
(D) China

98. ‘SwasthVayu’, a Non-invasive Ventilator, which was seen in the news recently, was developed by which organsiation?


99. Which country’s space agency is to test fire the Space Launch System (SLS), the most powerful rocket ever built?

(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) United States
(D) Germany

100. Google has removed the Personal Loan applications in which country, amid safety concerns?

(A) China
(B) India
(C) Pakistan
(D) Bangladesh

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