UPHESC Assistant Professor Exam 2021 General studies Test 4 English

UPHESC Assistant Professor Exam 2021 General studies Test 4 English: UPHESC Assistant Professor Exam 2021 Test Series for General studies: UPHESC Assistant Professor Recruitment 2021- Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Services Commission has started accepting online application form for 2003 vacancies for Assistant Professor Posts on its official website @uphesconline.org from 27th February 2021. The notice includes the dates and events for UPHESC recruitment.

UP government is providing an opportunity for those candidates who are looking forward to teaching as their career. The online applications will be accepted by 26th March 2021.Bookmark this page and stay tuned with us for every latest update for UPHESC Assistant Professor Jobs 2021.UPHESC Assistant Professor Vacancy 2021 announced for 2003 Assistant Professor Post which includes 2002 posts of Assistant Acharya in 47 subjects and 01 post of Assistant Acharya Geoscience of Advertisement No. -46. The application form for UPHESC Assistant Professor 2021 began on 27 February 2021 and the last date to apply online is 26 March 2021.


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General Knowledge / General Studies Test Series in English and Hindi – Click here

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Pick your Pen and Paper, attempt the questions exactly like UPHESC Exam (UPHESC Assistant Professor Exam is not computer based). If you want to know your ranking send us your OMR / Answer Sheet to : [email protected] or in the comment section. “Be honest with yourself”

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Q1) how a teacher should behave with the students?

A. General

B. Father

C. Friend

D. Leader

Q2) if a girl student requests you to collect her posts at your address what would you like to do in this case?

A. You Would Not Give Permission As It Is Against Your Own Principles

B. You Will Never Allow Her Suspecting A Foul Game

C. As A Teacher You Will Allow Her

D. You Will Permit Her Because You May Get In Touch With Her

Q3) the most important task is teaching is?

A. Making Monthly Reports And Maintaining Records

B. Making Assignments And Hearing Recitations

C. Directing Students In The Development Of Experience

D. None of These

Q4) the most accurate statement about teaching machines is that

A. B.F.Skinner Began The Movement For Their Use.

B. They Were Designed As An Economy Measure To Replace Teachers.

C. They Are Not As Efficient As Teachers In Reinforcing Responses

D. They Can Be Used For All Learning Programmes

Q5) The Dalton Scheme of Education is useful for which one of the following?

A. For infants

B. For little children

C. For older children

D. For all of these

Q6) why should a student not be punished severly?

A. He May Quarrel With A Teacher.

B. He May Leave The School And Join Another

C. His Parent May Quarrel With The Teacher.

D. The Student May Develop A Negative Attitude Towards His Studies, Teacher And School.

Q7) the term ‘least restrictive environment’ refers to the education of the:

A. Handicapped

B. Gifted

C. Early Childhood Youngsters

D. Retarded

Q8) According to Dewry, education is a:

A. Social Need

B. Personal Need

C. Psychological Need

D. Theoretical Need

Q9) the teaching is not thought as a process of

A. Directing The Activities Of People.

B. Listening The Recitation Of Pupils.

C. Indoctrinating Adult Ideas To Young People

D. None Of These

Q10) the major objective of education is:

A. Reforming The Society

B. Making Students Disciplined

C. Developing Inherent Abilities/Powers Of Students

D. Making Students Followers Of Teachers

Q11) each child grows in its own unique way. The wide individual differences are caused by

A. Heredity

B. Endowment

C. Environmental

D. Enfluences

E. All Of These

Q12) All of the following are advantages of teaching machines except:

A. The Control of Cheating

B. Tracking Of Errors

C. The Insurance Of Attention

D. Their Universal Use for Different Kinds of Programmes.

Q13) A teacher can help adolescent to overcome his special problems, and help him to adjust to the environment. Which of the following attitude, he should not make?

A. He Should Impart Right Information About Sex.

B. He Should Redirect The Energies Of The Adolescent To Fruitful Channels Through Sports And Other Constructive Activities.

C. He Should Have Unsympathetic Attitude Towards Others.

D. He Should Have Right Information About Sex.

Q14) the process of learning includes which of the following:

A. Synthesis and Organisation Of The Old And New Experiences, Resulting In A Novel Pattern.

B. It Includes All Activities Which Leave Permanent Effect On The Individual.

C. In Its Simplest Form, Learning Means Acquisition, Retention and Modification of Experience.

D. All of These

Q15) A new comer teacher who is maltreated in his class will deal with the students by?

A. Applying Punitive Measure

B. Improving His Qualities And Expressing It Before Them In A Good Way.

C. Changing His Class After Consultation

D. Giving Them a Threat of Expulsion.

Q16) a teacher can establish rapport with his pupil by?

A. Becoming A Figure Of Authority

B. Impressing Them With Knowledge And Skill

C. Playing The Role Of A Guide With Desire To Help Them

D. Becoming a Friend to the Pupils

Q17) if majority of students in your class is weak you should?

A. Not Care About Intelligent Students

B. Keep Your Spped Of Teaching fast So That Students Comprehension Level May Increase

C. Keep Your Teaching Slow Which Can Also Be Helpful To Bright Students.

D. Keep Your Teaching Slow Along With Some Extra Guidance to Bright People

Q18) for formulating the curriculum, which factor is most important?

A. Teachers Ability

B. Children’s Capabilities And Needs

C. National Ideology

D. Social And Cultural Ideals

Q19) there are so many definitions of learning. Which of the following is most adequate?

A. The Modification Of Behaviour

B. The Development Of Skills

C. The Acquisition And Organisations Of Knowledge

D. All of These

Q20) which of the following is meant of information collection?

A. Schedule

B. Report

C. Plan

D. Scope

Q21) Teachers should study the educational philosophy because?

A. They Do Not Know It.

B. They Do Not Have Their Won Philosophy

C. Philosophy Is the Backbone of All Disciplines

D. They May Improve Their Work by Clarifying Their Own Philosophy

Q22) why should you prefer teaching to other profession?

A. For The Service of Humanity.

B. For Love Of Teaching

C. For Love To Young (Youth)

D. For Mastery over the Subject of Teaching

Q23) The best way by a teacher to introduce a new subject by:

A. Giving A Broad Outline Of The Subject

B. Relating It To Daily Life Situation

C. Relating It to Previously Studied Subject or Course Material.

D. Any Of These

Q24) as a teacher you should not demand your pupils which are beyond their stage of growth. If you do so, it only causes?

A. Frustrations

B. Frustrations, Heighten Tension And Nervousness

C. Encouragement For More Learning

D. Both (B) and (C)

Q25) A teacher generally asks questions to his pupils during the lecture, why?

A. Are Students Listening The Lecture Attentively

B. To Know, Which Student Is Brilliant One

C. To Know Whether The Students Are Understanding The Lecture Or Not

D. To Help the Students

Q26) A competent teacher must have a sound knowledge in right order?

A. Practice, Concept, Theory and Research

B. Theory, Research, Concept And Practice

C. Concept, Theory, Practice And Research

D. Research, Practice, Concept and Theory

Q27) In the final analysis, teaching must be thought of mainly as a process of?

A. Asking Questions And Evaluating The Learning

B. Directing The Activities Of Pupils

C. Hearing Recitation Of Pupils

D. All of These

Q28) A teacher commands prestige, authority esteem and respect. He should make use of it through suggestion. He should not try to command respect through?

A. Scholarship

B. Punishing and Creating Revolting Situation

C. Experience

D. Tact

Q29) A teacher is successful only if he?

A. Knows His Subject Thoroughly Well

B. Produces Cent Per Cent Result

C. Is Approachable

D. Publishes Papers in Journals of Repute

Q30) the major responsibility with which the school personnel have been entrusted is that?

A. It Harmonizes The Child’s Need And Demands Of The Society Both

B. It Makes The Child Able To Get Job

C. It Prepares The School Programme According To The Need Of The Child

D. All of These

Q31) one of your students wants to share his problems with you. He visits your house for the same. In such a condition one should?

A. Suggest Him To Escape From His Family.

B. Extend Necessary Co-Operation And Boost His Morale.

C. Contact The Students Parent And Solve The Problem.

D. None of These

Q32) for better interaction with the students, the teachers objective should be the?

A. Equitable Distribution of Response Time

B. Proximity

C. Affirm Or Correct Student Performance

D. All Of These

Q33) which of the following is quality of a teacher?

A. He Presenting the Subject Matter in An Effective Manner With Clear Explaining Leading To Better Understanding Of The Matter.

B. He Should Be Trained To Various Teaching Methodologies.

C. He Should Know the Child Psychology

D. All of These

Q34) in ancient education system, teachers applied some psychological principles in education especially to young child from pre-school age to adolescence. They recognize the role of?

A. Gurukul Type Of Education

B. Convent System Of Schooling

C. Sense And Perception In Teaching And Learning

D. All of These

Q35) Recreational Reading should be?

A. Reserved For the School Library Period

B. Assigned As Homework

C. A Responsibility Of The Home Not The School

D. An Integral Part of Language Art Curriculum

Q36) which characteristic from the following is least concerned with a teacher?

A. Command over Subject Matter.

B. Respect From College Management

C. Good Rapport with the Students.

D. Effective Verbal Communication.

Q37) which of the following statements doesn’t suit a teacher? The teacher is

A. Really Interested In Students

B. Able To Direct And Discipline Students

C. Reluctant To Adapt Himself To New Situation

D. Enthusiastic About The Work That Teacher Do

Q38) who can be a good teacher? One

A. Whose Students Do Not Need To Ask Questions

B. Who Answers All The Questions Asked By Students

C. Who Never Encourages Children To Known Something Not In Curriculum.

D. Who Always Tells His/her Students That From Where They Can Get Answers to their Queries.

Q39) Meaningful learning takes place when?

A. Students Are Interested In Topic Taught

B. Explanations Are Given Within Reach Of Students

C. The New Content Being Taught Is Related To The Previous Knowledge Of The Student

D. Students Raise Questions and Get Them Clarified

Q40) Teachers use teaching aids for?

A. Making Teaching Interesting

B. Making Teaching With Understanding Level Of Students

C. Making Student Attentive

D. The Sake Of Its Use

Q41) which of the following is true about Modern Annual Examination System?

A. It Encourages Attaining Knowledge By Cramming.

B. It Doesn’t Encourage The Habit Of Regular Study.

C. It Doesn’t Encourage Students To Attain Their Classes Regularly.

D. All of These

Q42) Personalized system of education:

A. Doesn’t Inculcate A Feeling Of Socialization In Students

B. Doesn’t Inculcate A Feeling Of Competition

C. Leads to Wastage of Time and Energy

D. All of These

Q43) the most important challenge before a teacher is:

A. To Maintain Discipline in the Classroom

B. To Make Students Do Their Homework

C. To Prepare Question Paper

D. To Make Teaching Learning Process Enjoyable

 Q44) if you are irritated and show rashness because of the inadequate behavior of another teacher, what do you think about your own behavior?

A. It Is Justified Because Behaviors Are Echo Lim.

B. Your Behavior Is Not Good Because Elders Have the Right to Behave You in This Way.

C. Your Behavior Is Also A Sign Of Maladjustment And So Try To Control Yourself When You Are Maltreated.

D. All Of These

Q45) Teacher’s professionalism means:

A. The Extent to Which a Teacher Subscribes To A Professional Code

B. A Teacher Has To Teach For The Sake Of Getting Salaries

C. A Teacher Must Have Completed Professional Teachers Training Course before His Appointment

D. All of These

Q46) which one of the most fundamental of the guidance activities should be executed first?

A. Determination Of Objectives

B. Selection Of Learning Activities

C. Determination Of Learning Process

D. Selection Of Curriculum

Q47) A teacher should keep his voice in the class?

A. High Enough To Be Heard By Every Student Clearly

B. Loud, So That Every One Can Hear Clearly

C. Moderate

D. Sometime Low and Some Time High

Q48) which of the following is/are true about teaching?

A. The Analysis And Assessment Of Teaching Provide Feedback For Further Improvement In Teaching Method.

B. It Is Highly Dominated By Communication Skill.

C. It Is A Process Not an Act.

D. All of These

Q49) which of the following is/are true about teacher/teaching?

A. Teacher Should Have Control Over The Students To Maintain Peace And Order In The Class.

B. Teaching Should Be Pupil Centered Rather Than Subject Centered.

C. Teacher Should Arouse Interest among Students about the Subject

D. All of These

Q50) which of the following is true about teaching/teacher?

A. Teacher Should Work As A Leader In The Class.

B. Teacher Should Make A Lesson Plan Before Presenting Lesson In The Class.

C. Teacher Should Maintain A Democratic Atmosphere In The Class

D. All of These

Q51) A teacher learns maximum from?

A. Principal

B. Books

C. Students

D. None of these

Q52) if majority of students in your class are weak you should?

A. Not care about intelligent students.

B. Keep your speed in teaching fast so that student’s comprehension level may increase.

C. Keep you teaching slowly

D. Keep your teaching slow along with some extra guidance to bright pupils.

Q53) the first important step in teaching is?

A. Planning of representation of topic or subject.

B. organizing the background of students for the subject

C. organizing the material to be taught

D. knowing the background of students

Q54) Failure of students in examination, it may be the fault of

A. teacher

B. principal

C. students themselves

D. both (a) and (c)

Q55) Research is born out of?

A. human curiosity

B. human requirements

C. natural incidents

D. None of these

Q56) which of the following is the first step of research?

A. Identification of subject

B. Identification of nature of problem

C. Both (a) and (b)

D. None of these

Q57) the biochemical processes taking place in the body is known as?

A. Catabolism

B. Metabolism

C. Anabolism

D. None of above

Q58) Hybrid computer is a combination of?

A. Calculator and Laptop

B. Laptop and Abacus

C. Analog Computer and Digital Computer

D. Punch Card and Analog Computer

Q59) the final result of a study will be more accurate if the sample drawn is?

A. taken randomly

B. fixed by quota

C. representative to the population

D. purposive

Q60) Noise is known as?

A. transmitting barrier

B. receiving barrier

C. sender barrier

D. none of these

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