[Test 22] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

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Practice Test 22

Question 1: How many medals have been won by Divya Singh Pawar of Rajasthan in the 63rd National Shooting Championship?

 (A) 4

 (B) 2

 (C) 6

 (D) 10

 Question 2: In which basin of Rajasthan high quality potash deposits have been found?

 (A) Jaipur-Dausa Basin

 (B) Ganganagar-Nagaur Basin

 (C) Kota-Jhalawar Basin

 (D) Udaipur-Rajsamand Basin

 Question 3: Election spending limit has been fixed for Sarpanch candidates in Panchayati Raj elections?

 (A) 50 thousand

 (B) 70 thousand

 (C) 90 thousand

 (D) 1 Lakh

 Question 4: in which division of Rajasthan Gavri Lokanusthan is celebrated?

 (A) Bikaner

 (B) Kota

 (C) Bharatpur

 (D) Udaipur

 Question 5: on which day, Rajasthan government has decided to celebrate ‘World Tribal Day’?

 (A) 1 November

 (B) 6 September

 (C) 9 August

 (D) 12 December

Question 6: ‘Break the silence, talk openly’ campaign was conducted in which district of Rajasthan?

 (A) Shri Ganganagar

 (B) Bharatpur

 (C) Ajmer

 (D) Udaipur

 Question 7: National Nutrition Mission by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. Which district of Rajasthan ranked first in the state?

 (A) Bhilwara

 (B) Kota

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Baran

 Question 8: At Home program, which freedom fighter of Rajasthan was honored by the President?

 (A) Ishwar Singh Bedi

 (B) Mohan Bhagwat

 (C) Manish Kulkarni

 (D) Ramswaroop Suthar

Question 9: How much amount is provided under the Grant-in-aid Scheme for the home construction for blacksmiths?

 (A) Rs 50,000

 (B) Rs 70,000

 (C) Rs. 95,000

 (D) Rs. 1, 20,000

Question 10: Which fighter aircraft recently retired is known as Bahadur?

 (A) Jaguar

 (B) Mig 27

 (C) Mig 23

 (D) Mig 25

 Question 11: Which woman from Rajasthan has been given the title of ‘Best Boxer of Asia’?

 (A) Ved Krishnamu

 (B) Deepti Sharma

 (C) Arundhati

 (D) Suman Aggarwal

Question 12:  Which person from Rajasthan has been awarded the Global Business Icon Award?

 (A) Sahil Jhalani

 (B) Vikas Meena

 (C) Kalpit Gupta

 (D) Rajeshwari

 Question 13:  From which day, the Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Scheme was started?

 (A) 17 December 2019

 (B) 18 December 2019

 (C) 19 December 2019

 (D) 20 December 2019

 Question 14: Which woman of Rajasthan has been awarded the 27th Janaki Devi Bajaj Award?

 (A) Apoorvi Chandela

 (B) Ruma Devi

 (C) Sanjana Kashyap

 (D) Amrita Jain

 Question 15: Recently who was awarded the Laado National Award?

 (A) Dr. Kriti Bharti

 (B) Dr. Riva Kumari

 (C) Dr. Priya Garg

 (D) Dr. Puja Mehta

 Question 16: Which person of Rajasthan has been made OSD (Officer on Special Duty) of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla?

 (A) Manoj Bhadu

 (B) Mohina Kumari

 (C) Ravi Dutta

 (D) Mukesh Jangid

 Question 17: The first organic village of Rajasthan is being built at which place?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Bikaner

 (C) Bharatpur

 (D) Udaipur

 Question 18: Rajasthan’s first solar energy facility court building has been established at which of the following city?

 (A) Udaipur

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Kota

 (D) Chittorgarh

 Question 19: Which district won the most medals in the recently held Rajasthan State Games?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Bhatarpur

 Question 20: Recently, who has announced the Kanhaiya Lal Sethia Award for Rajasthani language?

 (A) Bharat Ola

 (B) Kailash Manhar

 (C) Ish Madhu Talwar

 (D) Mani Madhukar

 Question 21: Who inaugurated the State Games held in Rajasthan?

 (A) Narendra Modi

 (B) Ashok Gehlot

 (C) Sachin Pilot

 (D) Amit Shah

Question 22: Who recently won the title of Miss Diva Rajasthan 2020?

 (A) Aditi Sharma

 (B) Sighted Dhami

 (C) Daljeet Kaur

 (D) Suman Rao

 Question 23: Which Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Rajasthan was recently awarded –

 (A) Fatehpur

 (B) Sardarsahar

 (C) Ajmer

 (D) Avika Nagar

 Question 24: Where will be the first Hematology Department of Rajasthan set up?

 (A) Bikaner

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Jodhpur

 Question 25: Who is related to the Swaran Jayanti Uphaar Scheme?

 (A) Housing Board

 (B) Revenue Board

 (C) None of the above

 (D) Both of the above

 Question 26:  Which district has prepared its web portal to bring transparency in Panchayati Raj elections in Rajasthan?

 (A) Jodhpur

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Hanumangarh

 (D) Bikaner

Question 27:  Recently, which person from Rajasthan has been awarded the Humming Bird Award?

 (A) Harish Chaudhary

 (B) Sona Ram

 (C) Kailash Chandra Bishnoi

 (D) Manvendra Singh

 Question 28: Where will be the second solar park of Rajasthan set up?

 (A) Lalgarh

 (B) Nokh

 (C) Behror

 (D) Chomu

 Question 29:  Devanarayan Scooty Scheme is related to?

 (A) Scheduled Castes

 (B) Scheduled Castes

 (C) General category

 (D) All of the above

 Question 30: Recently the first heart transplant of Rajasthan was done in?

 (A) Mathura Das Mathur Hospital Jodhpur

 (B) Maa gayatri Hospital, Udaipur

 (C) Krishna Hospital, Bhilwara

 (D) SMS Hospital Jaipur

 Question 31: In which district of Rajasthan the World Music Festival was organized?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Banswara

 Question 32:  Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has started the Jan Seva Abhiyan from which district?

 (A) Udaipur

 (B) Alwar

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Jodhpur

 Question 33: Recently, in Rajasthan’s 14th Annual Jaipur Pravasi Sangh Festival, which person of Rajasthan was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award?

 (A) Gulab Kothari

 (B) Arjun Meghwal

 (C) Illa Arun

 (D) Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

 Question 34:  Where is the 27th International Camel Festival organized?

 (A) Barmer

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Jaisalmer

 (D) Bikaner

Question 35: In which area of ​​Rajasthan, 4,800 trillion liters of water reserves have been found?

 (A) Alwar – Bharatpur

 (B) Barmer – Jalore

 (C) Bikaner – Sri Ganganagar

 (D) Shri Ganganagar – Hanumangarh

 Question 36: Raj Kisan Sathi Portal was launched by which state government?

 (A) Chhattisgarh

 (B) Rajasthan

 (C) Uttar Pradesh

 (D) Maharashtra

 Question 37: Where was the state level function organized on National Voters’ Day –

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Kota

 (D) Udaipur

 Question 38: constitutional amendment 126 is concerned with –

 (A) Increase in financial and executive powers of 10 autonomous councils in North-East India

 (B) ST, SC Reservation

 (C) Constitution of Judicial Appointments Commission

 (D) Goods and Services Tax

 Question 39: Which of the following is the most polluted city of Rajasthan in the data released by Green Peace India recently?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Alwar

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Jodhpur

 Question 40: Which person from Rajasthan has been awarded the Best Electrol Award?

 (A) Indrajit Singh

 (B) Shiva Prakash

 (C) Puran Mal Verma

 (D) Chhaya Chaubisa

 Question 41: Which of the following state government is planning to set up the first Biotechnology Park in the state?

 (A) Government of Punjab

 (B) Government of Rajasthan

 (C) Government of Tamil Nadu

 (D) Government of Karnataka

 Question 42: Rajasthan’s first Exotic Park will be set up at?

 (A) Ranthambore

 (B) Sariska

 (C) Kumbalgarh

 (D) Nahargarh

Question 43:  Which state has been associated with Rajasthan under the One Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Program?

 (A) Delhi

 (B) Assam

 (C) Maharashtra

 (D) West Bengal

 Question 44:  Who has been honored with the Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia Award?

 (A) Sudhir Ranjan

 (B) Arvind Krishna Mehrotra

 (C) Shiv Khera

 (D) Ashok Vajpayee

 Question 45:  How many celebrities of Rajasthan were given Padma Shri in the recently announced Padma Awards?

 (A) three

 (B) Five

 (C) six

 (D) seven

 Question 46: Recently Apurvi Chandela won the gold medal in the competition held in Mayton, with which sport is she related?

 (A) Archery

 (B) swimming

 (C) long jump

 (D) Shooting

 Question 47: Which state is the first state in India to pass a resolution against the amendment to the NPR along with the CAA?

 (A) Rajasthan

 (B) Punjab

 (C) Kerala

 (D) Chhattisgarh

Question 48:  Which Rajasthan runner has set a world record by running 4035 km in 87 days?

 (A) Sufia Khan

 (B) Sarita Godara

 (C) Reena Sharma

 (D) Kanchan Verma

 Question 49: Recently, which woman of Rajasthan was selected for the Woman of the Year Award by World Open Water Swim Association of America?

 (A) Bhakti Sharma

 (B) Shikha Tandon

 (C) Tula Chaudhary

 (D) Arunima Sinha

 Question 50: Which place did Rajasthan get in the National Hydrology Project?

 (A) First

 (B) Second

 (C) Third

 (D) IV

Question 51: During whose reign Mahamaru style was introduced?

 (A) Gurjara Pratihara

 (B) Parmar

 (C) Chalukyas

 (D) Chauhan’s

Question 52: The famous saint of Rajasthan is the spokesman of a sect whose Samadhi is in Narena near Phulera.

 (A) Dadu

 (B) Sundha Mata

 (C) Devnarayan

 (D) Pabuji

Question 53: where is the Archery Sports Academy established in Rajasthan to train the players of the tribe in traditional archery?

 (A) Udaipur

 (B) Sawai Madhopur

 (C) Dungarpur

 (D) Banswara

Question 54: Famous musician Ramabai was the daughter of?

 (A) Sita Ram Lala

 (B) Maharana Kumbha

 (C) Sarang Dev

 (D) Muralidhar Vyas

Question 55: In which raga did Kesariya Balam Aavo ni Padharo Mahare Desh got fame?

 (A) Mand

 (B) Kaal

 (C) Sarang

 (D) loor

Question 56: The largest non-government library of Rajasthan is located in?

 (A) Pokhran

 (B) Kishangarh

 (C) Jodhpur

 (D) Bikaner

Question 57: Under which article of the constitution Panchayati Raj is described?

 (A) Article 76

 (B) Article 243

 (C) Article 312

 (D) Article 82

Question 58: Bilas Project is located in?

 (A) Ajmer

 (B) Baran

 (C) Both A and B

 (D) None

Question 59: Which scheme was recently launched by the Chief Minister in Rajasthan to provide cheap housing to the people?

 (A) Protection Scheme for Older Persons

 (B) Mid-Day Meal Scheme

 (C) Participatory Housing Scheme

 (D) Old Age Ashram Scheme

Question 60: In which district is Shahgad region located?

 (A) Barmer

 (B) Ajmer

 (C) Both A and B

 (D) None

Question 61: Famous Kathak dancer Uday Shankar is from which district?

 (A) Jodhpur

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Suratgarh

Question 62: Name of the ruler of Mewar under whose reign Rajasamundar (Rajsamand Lake) was built?

 (A) Maharana Raj Singh I

 (B) Maharana Udai Singh II

 (C) Maharaja of Jodhpur

 (D) King Ajay Pal

Question 63: When was the city of Jodhpur established?

 (A) 1459 CE

 (B) In 1437 AD

 (C) 1507 A.D.

 (D) In ​​1631 AD

Question 64: In which district the highest female literacy in Rajasthan was recorded in the year 2011?

 (A) Kota

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Jhunjhunu

 (D) Dungarpur

Question 65:  What is the name of the place famous for the umbrella and gardens of ancient kings in Jodhpur?

 (A) Mandore

 (B) Molasar

 (C) Both A & B

 (D) None

Question 66: Which district of Rajasthan is called the Taphbhoomi of Bharthari, the king of Malwa?

 (A) Bhilwara

 (B) Sikar

 (C) Chittorgarh

 (D) Alwar

Question 67: Which is the most flooded district of western Rajasthan?

 (A) Jaisalmer

 (B) Banswara

 (C) Barmer

 (D) Churu

Question 68: Who is called the Gandhi of Vagad?

 (A) Raibahadur Harvilas

 (B) Jai Narayan Vyas

 (C) Bhogilal Pandaya

 (D) None

Question 69: Which town in Chittorgarh district is famous for making Kavad?

 (A) Boraj

 (B) Borath

 (C) Belgaum

 (D) Bassi

Question 70: Where is the BM Birla Planetarium located?

 (A) Ajmer

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) New Delhi

Question 71:  When the Rupayan Sansthan Borunda was established?

 (A) In 1987 AD

 (B) 1960 AD

 (C) 1970 AD

 (D) 1962 AD

Question 72: When was the Zamindars Association formed?

 (A) April 1929

 (B) May 1929

 (C) September 1930

 (D) January 1929

Question 73:  When did the Bundi government pass the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1936?

 (A) 21 October 1936

 (B) 25 October 1938

 (C) 28 October 1947

 (D) 23 October 1936

Question 74:  When did the first movement of Mev caste started in Alwar?

 (A) 1925

 (B) 1928

 (C) 1921

 (D) 1929

Question 75: When the Vidya Pracharini Sabha was established?

 (A) 1915

 (B) 1918

 (C) 1912

 (D) 1917

Question 76: When the Rajasthan Archaeological and Museum Department was formed?

 (A) 1965

 (B) 1950

 (C) 1955

 (D) 1951

Question 77:  When was the Padma Shri award given to Vijayadan Detha?

 (A) 2005

 (B) 2007

 (C) 2003

 (D) 2006

Question 78: When and where did social slavery girl slaughter was banned?

 (A) 1833, Kota

 (B) 1841, Udaipur

 (C) 1834, Bundi

 (D) 1856, Jaipur

Question 79: When was the Battle of Bichod (Bundi)?

 (A) 1750

 (B) 1745

 (C) 1756

 (D) 1741

Question 80: When did the Balathal civilization be discovered?

 (A) 1978

 (B) 1979

 (C) 1968

 (D) 1975

Question 81: When the second Saka of Chittor was completed?

 (A) 1303

 (B) 1433

 (C) 1534

 (D) 1568

Question 82: Who is called the father of the Bijolia farmer movement?

 (A) Sadhu Sitaramdas

 (B) Vijay Singh Pathik

 (C) Ramnarayan Chaudhary

 (D) Haribhau Kinkar

Question 83:  Which region did not participate in Quit India Movement?

 (A) Marwar Praja Mandal

 (B) Bikaner Praja Mandal

 (C) Jaipur Praja Mandal

 (D) Mewar Praja Mandal

Question 84: Which princely state signed extensive treaty with the British?

 (A) Bharatpur

 (B) Kota

 (C) Alwar

 (D) Jhalawar

Question 85: ‘Tantya Tope’ was arrested from which place after the betrayal of Mansingh Naruka?

 (A) Gwalior

 (B) Neemuch

 (C) Narwar/Narvad

 (D) Mandalgarh

Question 86:  The Tal movement is related to which state?

 (A) Marwar

 (B) Mewar

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Jalore

Question 87: Who gave his martyrdom in the Dabikand held in 1926?

 (A) Nanakji Bhil

 (B) Rupaji-Karpaji

 (C) Rougaram

 (D) Kalibai

Question 88: Presently, in which district the Dudhwa Khara places are located. Dudhwa Khara Kisan Movement held in Bikaner during the princely period?

 (A) Bikaner

 (B) Sriganganagar

 (C) Churu

 (D) Hanumangarh

Question 89: In which peasant movement, the agreement between Thakur and the peasant leaders was called ‘Bolshevik verdict’?

 (A) Bijoulia

 (B) Bengu

 (C) Neemuchana

 (D) Bundi

Question 90: Which was the first case of the princely state of Jaipur in which the Jat farmer killers were punished?

  (A) Neem Police Station

  (B) Jaisinghpur

  (C) Balthana

  (D) Katrathal

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