[Test 21] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

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1. Who has been appointed to the post of Rajasthan State Chief Information Commissioner?

a) D.B. Gupta

b) Narayan Bareth

c) Sheetal Dhankar

d) None of these

2. At which place in Rajasthan the Statue of Peace is inaugurated?

a)         Jaitpura

b)         Rampura

c)         Shahpura

d)         Devpura

3. Which National Ayurveda Institute of Rajasthan has been given deemed university status?

a)         National Ayurveda Institute Jaipur

b)         National Ayurveda Institute Jodhpur

c)         National Ayurveda Institute Bharatpur

d)         National Ayurveda Institute Kota

4. With which UN program has the Rajasthan government signed an agreement to cooperate in achieving the goals of food and nutritional security, which has recently been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize for Peace?

a)         UN food program

b)         Rajasthan livelihood program

c)         World food program

d)         Rajasthan nutrition program

5. Who among the following is the first Scheduled Caste Chief Secretary of Rajasthan State?

a)         Dharmpal Arya

b)         Neeraj Kumar Arya

c)         Niranjan Kumar Arya

d)         Prashant Kumar Arya

6. Who has been appointed the new chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission in October 2020?

a)         Dr. Bhupendra Singh

b)         Babulal Katara

c)         Dr. Sangeeta Arya

d)         Dr. Manju Sharma

7. Where was the country’s first organ donor memorial inaugurated in November 2020?

a)         Jaipur

b)         Jodhpur

c)         Delhi

d)         Bhopal

8. Which of the following place of Rajasthan in the country in donating organ?

a)         First

b)         Second

c)         Third

d)         The fourth

9. What is target of plantation as per new environment policy 2020 in Rajasthan?

a)         10%

b)         20%

c)         25%

d)         30%

10. In which city of Rajasthan the use of world class premium grade petrol (Octane-100 or XP-100) was launched?

a)         Jaipur

b)         Kota

c)         Udaipur

d)         Jodhpur

11. In which place cricket academy and largest stadium is proposed in Rajasthan?

a)         Chaup, Jaipur

b)         Dadiya, Jaipur

c)         Anganwa, Jodhpur

d)         All the above

12. Recently Rajasthan government approved the merger of Tilam Union with which of the following union?

a)         Rajfed

b)         RICCO

c)         Revenue department

d)         Mining

13. What is Spialia Zebra?

a)         Butterfly

b)         Garden

c)         Rabbit

d)         Virus

14. Rajasthan Police launched which special campaign to bring awareness in the cases of women atrocities in October 2020?

a)         Lesson

b)         Female First

c)         AAWAZ

d)         PEHCHAN

15. Which of the following is an iconic gate built as a smile under Mission Anupam of Jaipur Development Authority?

a)         Ajmeri Gate

b)         Patrika Gate

c)         Jaipur Gate

d)         None of the above

16. Who has been appointed as the chairman of the governing body of Rajasthan State Mineral Exploration Trust?

a)         Minister of Mines and Petroleum

b)         Minister of Agriculture

c)         Minister of Rural development

d)         Chief Minister

17. What will be developed to dedicate the birth of girls under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme by planting large number of fruitful plants in the Technology Park located in Manasarovar, Jaipur?

a)         Kanya Vatika

b)         Kanya Park

c)         Tree Home

d)         All of the above

18. According to the new tourism policy of Rajasthan, who will be the chairman of the State Tourism Advisory Committee?

a)         Tourism minister

b)         Chief Minister

c)         Chief Secretary

d)         Chief Justice of high court

19. Who is the author of the book New Thinking New Dimension?

a)         Kalraj Mishra

b)         Gulab Kothari

c)         Seema Arora

d)         Vishnu Nayak

20. When was the first state-level online Lok Adalat held in Rajasthan?

a)         20 August 2020

b)         21 August 2020

c)         22 August 2020

d)         23 August 2020

21. Where was the first plasma bank of Rajasthan established?

a)         SMS Hospital Jaipur

b)         SD Hospital Jaipur

c)         Kanwatiya Hospital Jaipur

d)         MBS Hospital Kota

22. Who is the author of the book My War against Cancer?

a)         Dr. Jaswant Rathi

b)         Dr. Sheetal Vyas

c)         Dr. Neeraj Pandey

d)         Dr. Avdesh singh

23. Economic crime and police is a book written by whom?

a)         Jalam Singh

b)         Vivek Sharma

c)         Seema Hingonia

d)         Vijay aahuja

24. Who is the author of the book Save Youth Save Nation?

a)         Jalam Singh

b)         Vivek Sharma

c)         Seema Hingonia

d)         Ajay Yadav

25. Mystery of Corona is a book written by

a)         Jalam Singh

b)         Vivek Sharma

c)         Seema Hingonia

d)         Ajay Yadav

26. In which two places the Rajasthan government will build science parks?

a)         Bikaner and Ajmer

b)         Kota and Baran

c)         Jaipur and Dausa

d)         Bikaner and Churu

27. Where was the annual media conclave on Environment organized by the Center for Science and Environment?

a)         Neemali

b)         Peepli

c)         Shyamli

d)         None of the above

28. Which district of Rajasthan is being demanded to be declared a minority Status district?

a)         Bikaner

b)         Hanumangarh

c)         Ganganagar

d)         Sirohi

29. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education?

a)         Vivek singh

b)         Dharampal Jaroli

c)         Ramdhan Vyas

d)         Rajneesh Jaat

30. Recently which film in Rajasthan, the proposal to exempt GST has been approved, which has given the message of creating awareness for water conservation in the areas affected by water crisis?

a)         Turtle

b)         Paani

c)         Neera

d)         Salil

31. What is the name of the Director General of UNESCO, awarded world heritage city certificate to Jaipur?

a)         Aundrey Ajole

b)         Jorge Parkote

c)         Wiliumson Fedrick

d)         None

32. Which is the first state in the country to set up a separate directorate for cow services?

a)         Rajasthan

b)         Madhya Pradesh

c)         Uttar Pradesh

d)         Haryana

33. Where is Sri Guru Saubhagya Sadan Gaushala located?

a)         Rajsamand

b)         Bhilwara

c)         Pali

d)         Mount Abu

34. Under the Prime Minister’s Adarsh Gram Yojana of the Center and with the goal of doubling the income of farmers by the year 2022, which village in Rajasthan is planned to be the first organic village?

a)         Dadiya

b)         Sadiya

c)         Chaup

d)         Khatu

35. In which two districts of Rajasthan the first bear sanctuary of the state will be made?

a)         Jalore – Sirohi

b)         Ajmer – Jaipur

c)         Kota – Jhalawar

d)         Udaipur – Kota

36. Who is the President of Western Region Cultural Center Udaipur?

a)         Governor

b)         Chief Minister

c)         Minister of Tourism

d)         Tribal Minister

37. In which two districts of Rajasthan, mining of potash reserves will be started on the lines of Germany.

a)         Bhilwara – Chittor

b)         Nagaur and Bikaner

c)         Bundi – Baran

d)         Bharatpur – Dhaulpur

38. According to the 20th livestock census report on 16 October 2019, what is the position of Rajasthan in India?

a)         First in terms of livestock numbers

b)         Second in terms of livestock numbers

c)         Third in terms of livestock numbers

d)         Fourth in terms of livestock numbers

39. Which city of Rajasthan has been included in UNESCO World Heritage List in Baku city of Azerbaijan in 43 session of World Heritage Committee?

a)         Udaipur

b)         Jodhpur

c)         Jaipur

d)         Kota

40. Tourism Department of Rajasthan Government has given its new slogan again. which of the following is correct new slogan?

a)         Jaane kya dekh jaye

b)         Aapka swagat

c)         Padhaaro mhaare desh

d)         Khambha Ghani

41. Renukaji dam project is related to which river

a)         Mahi River

b)         Giri River

c)         Banas River

d)         Chambal River

42. The Minister of Medical Health and Ayurveda of Rajasthan has launched the Giloy Plantation campaign under the aegis of the Revenue State Drug Plant Division, what is the name of this campaign

a)         Vijeta

b)         Sweta

c)         Amrita

d)         Nikita

43. In which districts of the state the Indira Gandhi Maternity Nutrition Scheme has been launched by the Government of Rajasthan

a)         Udaipur

b)         Banswara

c)         Dungarpur

d)         All of the above

44. Which two schemes have been launched by the Rajasthan government for orphans and destitute children?

a)         Vatsalya Scheme and Samarth Scheme

b)         Samarth and Sehyog

c)         Sehyog and Vatsalya

d)         None of the above

45. The Chief Minister has released the booklet of the guidelines of the Vatsalya scheme and Samarth scheme in Bal Sangam program with the help of which of the following bank?

a)         Bank of Baroda

b)         ICICI Bank

c)         Axis Bank

d)         State Bank of India

46. In October 2020, the State Government has decided to implement which scheme in Manda, Manda Cluster and Tribe Areas?

a)         Van Dhan Yojana

b)         Jan Dhan Yojana

c)         Tribal Food Yojana

d)         None of the above

47. Which scheme has been started for girl child education under Indira Mahila Shakti Training and Nutrition Promotion Scheme by the Department of Women and Child Development?

a)         Shiksha Setu scheme

b)         Laadli Scheme

c)         Sukanya Scheme

d)         Gyan

48. The potter empowerment scheme is started in Rajasthan from which areas?

a)         Sikar

b)         Pokhran

c)         Dungarpur

d)         Jhunjhunu

49. What is the name of the first sculpture museum of Rajasthan built by Padma Shri Arjun Prajapati?

a)         Kalibanga

b)         Bani Thani

c)         Mati Manas

d)         Rajasthan Museum

50. What is the rank of Rajasthan in the country’s first Happiness Index?

a)         30

b)         31

c)         33

d)         36

51. Who first recommended the appointment of Lokayukta at the state level?

a)         Administrative Reforms Commission of India 1965 to 69

b)         Administrative Reforms Commission of India 1966 to 70

c)         Administrative Reforms Commission of India 1976 to 80

d)         Administrative Reforms Commission of India 1986 to 90

52. Consider the following statements:

a)         Lokayukta institution in Rajasthan was established in the year 1973.

b)         Justice I.D. Dua is the first Lokayukta of the state of Rajasthan

c)         Both are correct

d)         None of the above

53.  The District Innovation Fund (DIF) in Rajasthan was established by?

a)         13th Finance Commission

b)         11th Finance Commission

c)         12th Finance Commission

d)         14th Finance Commission

54. Under which article of Indian constitution, Rajasthan State Election Commission was established?

a)         Article 233

b)         Article 243

c)         Article 253

d)         Article 263

 55. After the state reorganization in 1959, Rajasthan Public Service Commission was shifted to Ajmer on the recommendation of which committee?

a)         Satyanarayan rao committee

b)         Baldev Singh committee

c)         Archana Ahuja committee

d)         Seetaram Meghwal committee

56.  Which of the following is related to the Governor’s address in the assembly?

a)         Article 206

b)         Article 176

c)         Article 385

d)         Article 166

 57. Which assembly constituency of Rajasthan is spread over more than 1 district?

a)         Nathdwara

b)         Jaipur

c)         Sawai Madhopur

d)         Dhaulpur

 58. Currently how many houses are there in the Legislature of Rajasthan?

a)         Four

b)         Three

c)         Two

d)         One

 59. When was the first election of Rajasthan state assembly held?

a)         1950

b)         1952

c)         1954

d)         1956

60. How many Lok Sabha constituencies of Rajasthan are reserved for Scheduled Castes?

a)         4

b)         5

c)         6

d)         7

 61. How many number of members of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly had determined by the Delimitation Commission of 1952?

a)         158

b)         159

c)         160

d)         161

 62. In the EVM machine NOTA button was used for the first time in which assembly elections?

a)         14th Assembly Elections 2013

b)         15th Assembly Elections 2018

c)         13th Assembly Elections 2009

d)         12th Assembly Elections 2004

 63. The Head of Legislative Assembly as per Article 178 of the Constitution is?

a)         Nominated

b)         Selected

c)         Appointed

d)         None of the above

64.  In which year the total strength of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was increased to 200?

a)         1975

b)         1976

c)         1977

d)         1978

65. How many times in the history of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly till June 30, 2016, there was a motion of confidence and it was discussed?

a)         Five Times

b)         Four times

c)         Three Times

d)         Two Times

 66. According to the Constitution Amendment Act 91 of 2003, what should be the maximum number of Council of Ministers of State?

a)         25% of the total members of the Legislative Assembly

b)         20% of the total members of the Legislative Assembly

c)         15% of the total members of the Legislative Assembly

d)         10% of the total members of the Legislative Assembly

67. Who among the following has held the post of Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

a)         Ashok Gehlot

b)         Tikaram Paliwal

c)         Mohanlal Sukhadia

d)         Vasundhra Raje

68. Peepalwara Lift Irrigation Scheme is located in which of the following?

a)         Kota

b)         Sawai Madhopur

c)         Bundi

d)         Dausa

70. Durgapur Kesar is a famous variety of which one of the following?

a)         Cumin seeds

b)         Rice

c)         Coriander

d)         Red chilli

 71. Bailadila Mine is related to which Mineral Ore?

a)         Copper

b)         Iron ore

c)         Bronze

d)         Gold

 72. In which district of Rajasthan, Leelwani Mine is located?

a)         Dungarpur

b)         Banswara

c)         Udaipur

d)         Sirohi

 73. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

            Mineral                       Mine

a)         Lead zinc                    Rajpura Dariba

b)         Iron Ore                      Dabla Region

c)         Copper                          leelwani

d)         Rock phosphate        Jamar kotda

74. Which of the following pair is not correct?

             Mineral                      Mine

a)         Gypsum                      Palana

b)         Pink Marble               Babarmal

c)         Tamra                         Rajamahal

d)         Uranium                     kuradia

 75. Janakpur and Sarwar mines are known for the production of which mineral?

a)         Iron

b)         Tamara

c)         Gypsum

d)         Marble

 77. What was the name of Hindustan Zinc Limited when it formed?

a)         Metal Corporation of India

b)         Rajasthan Zinc Limited

c)         Rajasthan Metal Corporation

d)         None of the above

 78. Which of the following is not a zinc producing area?

a)         Javar

b)         Rampura Agucha

c)         Dariba

d)         Khetri

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