[Test 17] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

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[Test 17] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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Question 1: Match the correct pairs:

   A. Jasnathji              1. Rewasa (Sikar)

   B. Sheetlaji               2. Chaksu (Jaipur)

   C. Jambhoji              3. Mukam (Nokha)

    D. Jeena Mata        4. Katariyasar (Bikaner)

Code – A, B, C, D

 (A) 4, 2, 3, 1

 (B) 1, 2, 3, 4

 (C) 2, 1, 4, 3

 (D) 3, 4, 1, 2

Question 2: which is related to Dadrewa village of Churu district?

 (A) Pabuji

 (B) Gogaji

 (C) Hadbuji

 (D) Devnarayanji

Question 3: “Temple of Brahmani Mata” is located at?

 (A) Dhaulpur

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Kota

 (D) Baran

Question 4: “Languria songs” of Rajasthan are related to which of the following?

 (A) Sheela Devi

 (B) Karni Mata

 (C) Baan Mata

 (D) Kaila Devi

Question 5: ‘Khejri tree’ is related to?

 (A) Gogaji

 (B) Tejaji

 (C) Pabuji

 (D) Devji

Question 6: where is Avarimata’s temple is located?

 (A) Nikumbh

 (B) Asind

 (C) Nimbahera

 (D) Kapasan

Question 7: The main folk deity, who took a living Samadhi?

 (A) Ramdev

 (B) Gogaji

 (C) Tejaji

 (D) Pabuji

Question 8: The name of Tejaji’s birthplace is?

 (A) Dadreva

 (B) Khadnal (Kharnal)

 (C) Asind

 (D) Kolu

Question 9: which is considered to be the most important folk god in Rajasthan?

 (A) Tejaji

 (B) Kabir

 (C) Tulsidas

 (D) Surdas

Question 10: The only goddess of Rajasthan whose broken statue is worshiped?

 (A) Aayi Mata

 (B) Swagia Mata

 (C) Sheetla Mata

 (D) Shila Devi

Question 11: identify the place which is not related to Tejaji?

(A) Pichiyak

 (B) Parbatsar

 (C) Sursura

 (D) Khadnal

Question 12: Identify the incorrect pair from the following?

 (A) Shila Devi – Amer

 (B) Sanchiyay Mata – Osiyan

 (C) Sakrai Mata – Sikar

 (D) Karani Mata – Deshnok

Question 13 Which Lokadevata’s wife was not ‘Sati’ –

 (A) Hadbuji

 (B) Gogaji

 (C) Tejaji

 (D) Pabuji

Question 14: Which of the following statements is not right regarding the folk deities of Rajasthan?

 (A) Gogaji is worshiped to save from snakebite

 (B) Pabuji Rathore is considered the god of camels.

 (C) The temple of Dev Baba is in Naglajahaj village of Bharatpur.

 (D) Bhuria Baba is the chief deity of the Charanas.

Question 15: Identify the incorrect pair from the following –

 (A) Shiladevi: Amber

 (B) Sakrai Mata: Jhunjhunu

 (C) Sheetla Mata: Dungarpur

 (D) Sachiyay Mata: Osiyan

Question 16: Rebari caste peoples are worshiped which of the following folk gods of Rajasthan?

 (A) Devji

 (B) Bhuria Baba

 (C) Pabuji

 (D) Hadbuji

Question 17: Which of the following goddesses is related to the song Languria?

 (A) Sheela Mata

 (B) Kaila Devi

 (C) Karni Mata

 (D) Rani Sati

Question 18: Who among the following is also known as the family goddess of the Rathore dynasty?

(A) Banmata

 (B) Nagnechi

 (C) Annapurna

 (D) Shakambhari

Question 19: Where is the main temple of Sheetla Mata located?

 (A) Amer

 (B) Chaksu

 (C) Sanganer

 (D) Virat Nagar

Question 20: temple of ‘Bijasana Mata’ is located in which district?

 (A) Jhalawar

 (B) Jalore

 (C) Sawai Madhopur

 (D) Bundi

 Question 21: Which of the following is not correctly matched?

 (A) Amba Mata – Udaipur

 (B) Bhadrakali – Hanumangarh

 (C) Kaivay Mata – Nagaur

 (D) Jogania Mata – Alwar

 Question 22 which of the following folk deities are also called the God of ‘Kala and Bala’is?

 (A) Veer Kallaji

 (B) Veer Tejaji

 (C) Kesariya Kunwar Ji

 (D) Mehaji Manglia Ji

Question 23: Who was the presiding/family goddess of Karni Mata?

 (A) Rupan Mata

 (B) Sachiya Mata

 (C) Temdarai Devi

 (D) Tanotia Devi

Question 24: With which instrument Rebari caste sing Pabuji’s Padavai?

 (A) Maath

 (B) Ravanahatha

 (C) Deru

 (D) cymbals

Question 25: The Top Medi of Gogaji is located in?

 (A) Nohar

 (B) Dadreva

 (C) Sursura

 (D) Sandaria

Question 26: Goddess of Rathore’s of Jodhpur, who has 18 arms –

 (A) Sheetla Mata

 (B) Awari Mata

 (C) Sikrai Mata

 (D) Naganechi Mata

Question 27: In Rajasthan, which god is worshiped when a camel is sick –

 (A) Gogaji

 (B) Tejaji

 (C) Pabuji

 (D) Kesariya Kunwar

Question 28: Pabuji is considered an avatar of?

 (A) Laxman

 (B) Ram

 (C) Shatrughan

 (D) Bharata

Question 29: which goddess provides health benefits to the lame and paralyzed people?

 (A) Bhadana Mata

 (B) Awari Mata

 (C) Gawri Mata

 (D) Aayi Mata

Question 30: The temple of Rani Sati is located in which district?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Sikar

 (C) Jodhpur

 (D) Jhunjhunu

Question 31: The third famous ‘Gogaji’s Oldie’ pilgrimage site of Gogaji after Dadreva and Gogamedi is located at?

 (A) Sanchore

 (B) Sursura

 (C) Dechu village

 (D) Kolmand

 Question 32: The temple of Kailadevi in ​​Karauli is situated on the banks of which river?

 (A) Kali Sindh

 (B) Parvati

 (C) Kalisil

 (D) Bamani

 Question 33: ‘Bohra ki Chhatri’ is located in front of which goddess temple?

 (A) Karani Mata

 (B) Aayi Mata

 (C) Sakrai Mata

 (D) Kaila Devi

 Question 34: Karni Mata’s childhood name was –

 (A) Karnal Bai

 (B) Ridu Bai

 (C) Karnala

 (D) Karnal Kiniyani

 Question 35: which is the Kuldevi of Rathore dynasty of Bikaner?

 (A) Karani Mata

 (B) Jeen  Mata

 (C) Karnali Mata

 (D) Ayad Mata

 Question 36: Which is known as the God of the Gwalas/ Shepherd/ herdsman?

 (A) Kesariya Kunwar Ji

 (B) Fatta Ji

 (C) Mehaji

 (D) Dev Baba

 Question 37: Tallinathji’s temple is located?

 (A) Panchota Village, Jalore

 (B) Kolumand Village, Jodhpur

 (C) Nagla Ship, Bharatpur

 (D) Bathot-Patoda Village, Sikar

 Question 38: Which of the following god is the oldest and longest fadh?

 (A) Devnarayanji

 (B) Hadojan

 (C) Tallinathji

 (D) Fattaji

 Question 39: which folk deities are known by the avatar names of Kehar, Kalyan and Sheshnag?

 (A) Tejaji

 (B) Gogaji

 (C) Pabuji

 (D) Veer Kallaji

Question 40: where is the tomb of Tejaji situated?

 (A) Sandaria

 (B) Sursura

 (C) Beawar

 (D) Parbatsar

 Question 41: Pabuji’s mare is?

 (A) Saffron Kalmi

 (B) Surasuri

 (C) Singari

 (D) Leelan

 Question 42: which is the birthplace of Lokdevata Ramdevji?

 (A) Kolumand

 (B) Undukasamer

 (C) Ramdevra

 (D) Sandaria

 Question 43: What is the name the Kuldevi of Rathore dynasty?

 (A) Ashapala

 (B) Shakambhari

 (C) Naganechi

 (D) Bijasan

Question 44: ‘Terah Tali’ dance is performed in the devotion of which folk deity?

 (A) Mallinathji

 (B) Father

 (C) Gogaji

 (D) Ramdev

Question 45: ‘Khejri tree’ is a symbol of which folk deity of Rajasthan –

 (A) Gogaji

 (B) Father

 (C) Tejaji

 (D) Ramdev

Question 46: Who founded the ‘Kamdia Panth?

 (A) Ramdev

 (B) Kallaji

 (C) Pabuji

 (D) Gogaji

Question 47: Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

 (A) Pabuji – Kolu

 (B) Tejaji – Kharnal

 (C) Mallinath – Gagron

 (D) Ramdevji – Ramdevra

Question 48: Which of the following is not revered as Lokadevi in ​​Rajasthan?

 (A) Baan Mata

 (B) Sheetla Mata

 (C) Meera Mata

 (D) Bhadana Mata

Question 49: Lokdevata Gogaji was a contemporary of which ruler –

 (A) Mahomed Ghaznavi

 (B) Akbar

 (C) Iltutmish

 (D) Gauri

Question 50: Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

 (A) Ramdevji – Ramdevra

 (B) Pabuji – Kolu

 (C) Mallinathji – Kharnal

 (D) Gogaji – Dadreva

Question 51: The followers of Baba Ramdev of Runicha are included in which sect?

 (A) Kamadia Panth

 (B) Naval Panth

 (C) Bairag Panth

 (D) Nath Panth

Question 52: the famous temple of Karni Mata situated at which place?

 (A) Nagda

 (B) Deshnok

 (C) Dhule

 (D) Balotra

Question 53: Who is the famous folk goddess of Kuldevi of Sen (barber) society?

 (A) Sheetla Mata

 (B) Aayi Mata

 (C) Ghevar Mata

 (D) Narayani Mata

Question 54: Which of the following is not a folk goddess of Rajasthan?

 (A) Sneeze Mother

 (B) Karni Mata

 (C) Avery mother

 (D) Hidimba Mata

 Question 55: Where is the temple of Lokdevata Mallinath Ji?

 (A) Santhu Village (Jalore)

 (B) Tilwara (Barmer)

 (C) Nagla Ship (Bharatpur)

 (D) Panchota Village (Jalore)

 Question 56: Which famous Lokadevi/goddess of Rajasthan is related to Rats?

 (A) Sheela Mata

 (B) Karni Mata

 (C) Naganechi Mata

 (D) Sheetla Mata

Question 57: Lokdevi Jeenmata Temple is located at?

 (A) Sikar

 (B) Bilada

 (C) Jalore

 (D) Karauli

Question 58: Which of the following Goddesses is considered as the child-protector?

 (A) Mahamaya Mata

 (B) Chauth Mata

 (C) Chhincha Mata

 (D) Ghevar Mata

Question 59: Match the following:

       Folk deity                         Place associated

      i. Tallinath                         A. Panchota Village (Jalore)

      ii. Tejaji                 B. Parbatsar (Nagaur)

      iii. Devnarayanji   C. Kolu Village (Phalodi)

      iv. Pabuji               D. Asind (Bhilwara)

Choose the correct code –

 (A) A-i, B-ii, ​​D-iii, C-iv

 (B) A-i, B-ii, ​​C-iii, D-iv

 (C) B-I, A-ii, D-iii, C-iv

 (D) C-I, D-ii, A-iii, B-iv

Question 60: Which goddess was worshiped as Kuldevi by the King of Jaisalmer?

 (A) Karni Mata

 (B) Swangiya

 (C) Annapurna

 (D) Naganechi

Question 61: Gogamedi is located in which of the following place?

 (A) Churu district

 (B) Hanumangarh district

 (C) Sriganganagar district

 (D) Jhunjhunu district

Question 62: Where is the main pilgrimage site of Tejaji?

 (A) Shahpura

 (B) Nagaur

 (C) Parbatsar

 (D) Khadnal

Question 63: The ‘Than’ of Lokdevata Gogaji is generally found under which tree?

 (A) Khejri

 (B) Pipal

 (C) Banyan

 (D) Neem

Question 64: Sugan Chidi is considered the form of which Lokmata?

 (A) Aayd Mata

 (B) Swangiya Mata

 (C) Naganechi Mata

 (D) Sheetla Mata

Question 65: In which year did Lokdevata Ramdevji take a living Samadhi?

 (A) 1468 A.D.

 (B) 1448 AD

 (C) 1458 AD

 (D) 1438 AD

Question 66: Which folk deity is known by the name of Jaharpeer?

 (A) Hadbu Ji

 (B) Gogaji

 (C) Devnarayan ji

 (D) Ramdev

Question 67: Which pair of folk gods was a disciple of Balinath?

 (A) Mallinathji and Ramdevji

 (B) Hadbuji and Ramdevji

 (C) Devji and Mallinathji

 (D) Tejaji and Ramdevji

Question 68: Which of the following folk goddess is called ‘Vaishno Devi of Thar’?

 (A)  Jeen Mata

 (B) Chamunda Mata

 (C) Jwala Mata

 (D) Tannot Mata

Question 69: In which district the temple of ‘Dhaulagarh Devi’ is located?

 (A) Alwar

 (B) Bundi

 (C) Bharatpur

 (D) Kota

Question 70: In the memory of which folk deity the Tilwara fair organised?

 (A) Hadbuji

 (B) Pabuji

 (C) Gogaji

 (D) Mallinath

Question 71: what is Neja?

 (A) Pancharangi Pennant of Ramdevji

 (B) An armament like a sword

 (C) The offerings of the deity

 (D) The sanctum sanctorum of the temple

Question 72: Which Lokdevata’s parents named was Hansadevi and Lohatji?

 (A) Pipaji

 (B) Dhannaji

 (C) Jambhoji

 (D) Siddha Jasnathji

Question 73: Rajasthani folk songs ‘Bhartar of Natal’ sung in reference to which folk god?

 (A) Hadbuji

 (B) Pabuji

 (C) Ramdev

 (D) Tejaji

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