[Test 16] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

[Test 16] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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Question 1: Saint Mirabai’s husband name was?

 (A) Bhojraj

 (B) Ratan Singh

 (C) Narpat Singh

 (D) Sangram Singh

Question 2: According to Saint Pipa, what was the main means/resources of salvation?

 (A) Idolatry

 (B) Devotion

 (C) Austerity

 (D) Yajna

Question 3: The following four principles are related to which saint –

(i) Havan should be done

(ii) Have pity on creatures

(iii) Aarti and Bhajan should be performed in the evening

(iv) One should bathe in the morning –

 (A) Dhanna

 (B) Jambhoji

 (C) Siddha Jasnath

 (D) Saint Pipa

Question 4: Which is not correctly matched?

       Saint        –           Year of Birth

 (A) Meera      –           1498 A.D.

 (B) Dadu Dayal –       1544 AD

 (C) Saint Jasnath ji   – 1482 AD

 (D) Saint Charandas Ji         – 1503 AD

Question 5: ‘Saint Gunna Sagar’ and ‘Naam-Mala’ is composed by which saint?

 (A) Dhanna

 (B) Dadu

 (C) Pipa

 (D) Meera

Question 6: Saint Dariyavji was the promoter of which branch of Ramsnehi cult?

 (A) Shahpura

 (B) Singhthal

 (C) Rainn

 (D) Khedapa

Question 7: Followers of 29 rules of Jambhoji are called?

 (A) NathPanth

 (B) Ramsnehi

 (C) Gurjar

 (D) Vishnoi

Question 8: At which place did Mira Bai spend his last time?

 (A) Dwarka

 (B) Chittor

 (C) Merta

 (D) Mathura

Question 9: After Dadu’s demise, which subdivision of Narayana Dadu Cult was in main role?

(A) Khaki

 (B) Naga

 (C) Khalsa

 (D) None

Question 10: Saint Daryavji is associated with?

 (A) Vishnoi

 (B) Nath

 (C) Rajaram

 (D) Ramsnehi

Question 11: What was the childhood name of Saint Pipa?

 (A) Pratapsingh

 (B) Prahlada

 (C) Saint Kumar

 (D) Zorawar Singh

 Question 12: ‘Dholidub’ village belongs to which community?

 (A) Jasnathi

 (B) Daria panthi

 (C) Dadu panthi

 (D) Laldasi

Question 13: Where is the main bench of Nimbarka Sampradaya located?

 (A) Sihad

 (B) Galta

 (C) Mouzambabad

 (D) Salemabad

Question 14: Saint Mavji Peeth located at?

 (A) Sabla Village (Dungarpur)

 (B) Katiyasar (Bikaner)

 (C) Bandholi (Alwar)

 (D) Salemabad (Kishangarh-Ajmer)

Question 15: Which of the following statements is not true about Dadu Cult?

 (A) The main cult of Dadu-Cult is located in Narena (Jaipur).

 (B) Dadupanthi do not believe in idol worship.

 (C) Dadupanthi believes in burning the corpse of the dead.

 (D) ‘Khaki’ is a branch of Dadu Cult.

Question 16: the place where Jambhoji Preached?

 (A) Sathari

 (B) Sabd

 (C) Vani

 (D) Seel

Question 17: Who was the founder of Niranjani cult?

 (A) Saint Ramdas

 (B) Saint Niranjan Das

 (C) Saint Haridas

 (D) Saint Ramcharan

Question 18: Who was the Guru of Sahajo Bai?

 (A) Ramcharan

 (B) Laldas

 (C) Charandas

 (D) Sunderdas

Question 19: Who was the Guru of Saint Ramcharan (the founder of Ramsnehi Sampradaya)?

 (A) Charandas

 (B) Haridas

 (C) Kriparam

 (D) Laldas

Question 20: which is the well-known center of Narayana?

 (A) Bishnoi Cult

 (B) Nath Cult

 (C) Dadu Cult

 (D) Ramsnehi Cult

Question 21: Bhartahari’s cave is located at?

 (A) Baghera Village Ajmer

 (B) Sarwad Ajmer

 (C) Beawar Ajmer

 (D) Sawar Ajmer

Question 22: Parshuram ji Gaur wrote a book called ‘Parashurama-Sagar’ to propagated the ideas of which community?

 (A) Gaudiya

 (B) Vallabh

 (C) Nimbark

 (D) Vaishnav

 Question 23: What are ‘Simbhudhada and Konda’?

 (A) Sthanakwasi Branches

 (B) Places related to Dariya Cult

 (C) Special yama rules names

 (D) Text/Grihanth related to Saint Jasnath

 Question 24: Where do you get the oldest information about Shaivism in Rajasthan?

 (A) Harshnath Prasasti

 (B) Aunshiyan

 (C) Sandnath Prasasti

 (D) Nath Prasasti

Question 25: Who was the Promoter of the Rasik cult?

 (A) Achaladas

 (B) Agardas

 (C) Isardas

 (D) Girdhardas

 Question 26: Naglapeeth is related to which community?

 (A) Laldasi community

 (B) Nathpeeth community

 (C) Dadu community

 (D) Vishnoi community

 Question 27: Who among the following is the originator of ‘Pushtimarga?

 (A) Nimbarkacharya

 (B) Ramanandacharya

 (C) Ramanujacharya

 (D) Vallabhacharya

 Question 28: Which one of the following is not the work of Meera Bai?

 (A) Tika Raga Govind

 (B) Rukmini Mangal

 (C) Dayabodh

 (D) Narsi Mehta’s hundi

 Question 29: Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti gave the title of ‘Sultan-ul-Tariqin’ to which of the following saint?

 (A) Sheikh Hamiduddin Nagauri

 (B) Hazrat Sugar Pir

 (C) Sheikh Salim Chishti

 (D) Pir Fakhruddin

 Question 30: Name of the place where Dadu spent his last time?

 (A) Sambhar

 (B) Shahpura

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Narayana

 Question 31: ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya’ mantra is related to which community?

 (A) Vaishnavism

 (B) Vallabh Community

 (C) Ramanuja Community

 (D) Ramsnehi Community

Question 32: Who among the following took teachings from Guru Gorakhnath?

 (A) Jambhoji

 (B) Saint Pipa

 (C) Dadu Dayal

 (D) Saint Charandas

Question 33: Which saint had predicted the invasion of the Muslim invader Nadirshah?

(A) Saint Sunderdas

 (B) Saint Haridas

 (C) Saint Laldas

 (D) Saint Charandas

 Question 34: Who was the pioneer of ‘Lassodia’ movement?

 (A) Motilal Tejawat

 (B) Govind Giri

 (C) Vijay Singh Pathik

 (D) Saint Mavji

 Question 35: Which cult worships ‘Jugal Sarkar’ (Sita-Ram)?

 (A) Ramanuja Sampradaya

 (B) Vaishnavism

 (C) Vallabh Sampradaya

 (D) Nimbark Sampradaya

 Question 36: Which of the following is not a Dadupanthi sub-cult?

 (A) Khalsa

 (B) Naag

 (C) Khaki

 (D) Chandal

Question 37: In which language is the literature of Dadu Cult compiled?

 (A) Marwari

 (B) Bagdi

 (C) Mewati

 (D) Dundhadi

Question 38: Which of the following saints were Muslims by birth?

 (A) Mavji

 (B) Dadudayal

 (C) Laldas

 (D) Charandas

Question 39: Match the correct pair:

      A) Jasnath Ji                     1 Rewasa (Sikar)

      B) Shitala G                      2 Chaksu (Jaipur)

      C) Jambho ji                     3 Mukam (Nokha)

      D) Jeen Mata        4 Katariyasar (Bikaner)

A, B, C, D

 (A) 4, 2, 3, 1

 (B) 1, 2, 3, 4

 (C) 2, 1, 4, 3

 (D) 3, 4, 1, 2

Question 40: Saint Laldas is well known for?

 (A) Idol worship

 (B) Communal harmony

 (C) Social reform

 (D) Simple life

Question 41: Match the following with the help of the codes given below:

             Saint              birthplace

      a. Ramdas                        1. Dehra

      B. Jasnath                         2. Jaitaran

      C. Dariyau                        3. Katariyasar

      D. Charandas       4. Bikamcore

Code – A, B, C, D

 (A) 4, 3, 2, 1

 (B) 1, 2, 3, 4

 (C) 3, 1, 4, 2

 (D) 1, 4, 3, 2

Question 42: Who established the Nimbarkacharya Peeth in Salemabad?

 (A) Harivyas Dev

 (B) Parshuram Dev

 (C) Narayan Dev

 (D) Harivansh Dev

Question 43: Which pairs are correct in relation to major saints of Rajasthan and the cults/sects established by them?

a. Ramcharanji – Ram Snehi Sampradaya (Shahpura)

B. Lalgiriji – Alakhia Sampradaya

C. Haridasji – Niranjani Sampradaya

D. Santdasji – Godand Sampradaya

(A) Only A and C are correct.

 (B) Only A and B are correct.

 (C) Only A, C and D are correct.

 (D) All pairs of A, B, C and D are correct.

Question 44: Which of the following is not included in the branches of Dadu Cult?

 (A) Virakt

 (B) Khaki

 (C) Gaudiya

 (D) Naga

Question 45: The Dargah of Hazrat Hajib Sakkar King, popularly known as ‘Shakkar Pir Baba’ is situated at?

 (A) Nagaur

 (B) Narhar

 (C) Galiakot

 (D) Sarwar

Question 46: Which pair is incorrectly matched?

 (A) Pabuji-Kolu

 (B) Tejaji-Kharnal

 (C) Mallinathji-Gagron

 (D) Ramdevji-Ramdevara

Question 47: Who among the following was the founder of Niranjani Sampradaya?

 (A) Saint Niranjan Nath

 (B) Saint Ramdas

 (C) Saint Ramcharan

 (D) Saint Haridas

Question 48: Which of the following dances is performed by the followers of Jasnathi cult?

 (A) Agni dance

 (B) Ghoomar Dance

 (C) Bomb Dance

 (D) Dhol Nritya

Question 49: An important bench of Vallabh cult is located at?

 (A) Galta

 (B) Merata

 (C) Kishangarh

 (D) Nathdwara

Question 50: In which Book/Grihanth the sermon of the Paranami Sampradaya compiled?

 (A) Kujalam swaroop

 (B) Palan swaroop

 (C) Wani

 (D) Sabadbaan

Question 51: Which is the birthplace of Saint Mavji?

 (A) Chittorgarh

 (B) Kota

 (C) Dungarpur

 (D) Udaipur

Question 52: who has been the innovator of Tehar Cult in Rajasthan?

 (A) Jinsen

 (B) Dharnivarah ji

 (C) Shramanathji

 (D) Bhikhan Ji

Question 53: which is the main religious place of vallabh cult in Rajasthan?

 (A) Nathdwara

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Rajsamand

 (D) Kishangarh

Question 54: Where is the Dargah of Abdul Pir located at?

 (A) Dungarpur

 (B) Banswara

 (C) Pratapgarh

 (D) Udaipur

Question 55: who was the mentor of Saint Pipa was?

 (A) Shankaracharya

 (B) Ramanuja

 (C) Kabir

 (D) Ramanand

Question 56: Where is the main seat of Dadu cult?

 (A) Narayana

 (B) Ajmer

 (C) Tilwara

 (D) Shahpura

Question 57: Khwaja Moinuddin in Ajmer is related to?

 (A) Kadiri

 (B) Naksbandi

 (C) Suhrawardy

 (D) Chishti

Question 58: Which saint and disciple of Ramanand renounced his kingdom and joined the saint/guru mandali?

 (A) Dhanna Ji

 (B) Jambhoji

 (C) Pipa Ji

 (D) Raidas

Question 59: When did Acharya Tulsi Das initiated the Anuvrata movement?

 (A) 1945 A.D.

 (B) 1949 A.D.

 (C) 1942 A.D.

 (D) 1952 AD

Question 60: Maluknath was a saint of which cult?

 (A) Garibdasi cult

 (B) Charandasi cult

 (C) Ramanand Cult

 (D) Ramsnehi Cult

Question 61: Which of the following is the birth place of Meera Bai?

 (A) Kudki

 (B) Sadadi

 (C) Manpura Bhakhari

 (D) Sojat

Question 62: female saint Dayabai was a disciple of?

  (A) Saint Charan Das

  (B) Saint Nimbarkacharya

  (C) Saint Raidas

  (D) Saint Ramcharan

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