[Test 14] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

[Test 14] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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Question 1:  Love Garden is located at?

 (A) Bharatpur

 (B) Bhilwara

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Jaipur

Question 2: the British Army could not win the fort of Rajasthan?

 (A) Earnest fort

 (B) Bharatpur Fort

 (C) Fort of Junagarh

 (D) Kota stronghold

Question 3 Kapil Muni’s Taphbhoomi Shri Kolayat Ji is located at?

 (A) Bikaner

 (B) Bhilwara

 (C) Alwar

 (D) Ajmer

Question 4: which is called Haridwar of Rajasthan?

 (A) Bhopal Sagar

 (B) Matrukundia

 (C) Mandalia

 (D) Baroli

Question 5: A fair is organized in the temple of Brahmini Mata in Pallu on which time?

 (A) Shukla Teej for each month

 (B) Shukla Ashtami of every month

 (C) Budhi Ashtami of every month

 (D) Amawasya of every month

Question 6: which is called ‘Second Vrindavan’ and ‘Paris of the country’?

 (A) Nathdwara

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Bundi

Question 7: Master/Ruler/Responsible of Bangar is called?

 (A) Baba Sakkar Bar Pir

 (B) Malkhet

 (C) Kamaruddin Shah

 (D) Malkhet

Question 8: which is famous as the Chhitar Palace?

 (A) Ajit Bhawan

 (B) Umaid Bhawan

 (C) Bijolai’s palace

 (D) Jaswant Thada

Question 9: Jaswant Thada was made?

 (A) by Rao Jodha

 (B) by Maharaja Jaswant Singh II

 (C) by King Sardar Singh

 (D) by King Hanuvant Singh

Question 10: Saint Pippa’s cave is located at?

 (A) Toda Village, Tonk

 (B) Deoli, Tonk

 (C) Uniara, Tonk

 (D) Malpura, Tonk

Question 11: The Muktidham Mahasthal of the tribals is?

 (A) Beneshwar

 (B) Haldighati

 (C) Gogunda

 (D) Rishabhdev

Question 12: The Haribhushan epic has been written by?

 (A) Poet Gangaram

 (B) Vrind kavi

 (C) Kalyan Kavi

 (The) Poet Jayadev

Question 13: Khas – Khas Grass is found at which place?

 (A) Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur

 (B) Dhaulpur, Alwar

 (C) Karauli, Jaipur

 (D) Bharatpur, Alwar

Question 14: Kashmir of Rajasthan and Venice of the East is called?

 (A) Alwar

 (B) Mount Abu

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Jaipur

Question 15: Which is called Punjab of Rajasthan?

 (A) Sanchor

 (B) Ahor

 (C) Bhinmal

 (D) Bigora

Question 16 which is known as the city of Granite?

 (A) Kota

 (B) Tonk

 (C) Jalore

 (D) Jaisalmer

Question 17:  ‘here the feet of the stone, the iron’s body and can be reached only by riding on a horse of wood’, this is related to which city?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Jaisalmer

Question 18: who inaugurated Albert Museum in Jaipur?

 (A) Prince Albert

 (B) Sir Swinton Jacob

 (C) Sir Edward Breadfort

 (D) Sawai Ram Singh II

Question 19: Panna Meena’s Bawari is located at?

 (A) Amer

 (B) Chaksu

 (C) Jamuwaramgarh

 (D) Samod

Question 20: The architects of Hawamahal were?

 (A) Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya

 (B) Lalchand Usta

 (C) Mandan

 (D) Natha

Question 21: How many floors of Jaipur’s Hawamahal is?

 (A) 4

 (B) 5

 (C) 6

 (D) 7

Question 22: which is famous by the name of Banaras of Jaipur?

 (A) Galta Tirtha

 (B) Devayani Shrine

 (C) Shakambhari

 (D) Chaksu

Question 23: Bhadrakali fair organised in Hanumangarh on?

 (A) Chaitrabudi Ashtami

 (B) Chaitrasudi Ashtami and Navami

 (C) Chaitra Amavasya

 (D) Chaitra Purnima

Question 24: Who is called meera of Vagad/Bagad?

 (A) Meera Bai

 (B) Gyan Kunwar

 (C) Gawri Bai

 (D) Shabari Bai

Question 25: A pool named Edward Samudra was built in Dungarpur by?

 (A) Dalpat Singh

 (B) Uday Singh

 (C) Vijay Singh

 (D) Jaswant Singh

Question 26: The umbrella/Chatri of thirty-two pillars of Jagannath Kachwaha is located?

 (A) Amer

 (B) Lalsot

 (C) Mandalgarh

 (D) Rajmahal

Question 27: Which is called Rajasthan’s Manchester?

 (A) Bharatpur

 (B) Beawar

 (C) Bhilwara

 (D) Amer

Question 28: Rani Bhatiyani’s fair is held at?

 (A) Jasol, Barmer

 (B) Dhorimana, Barmer

 (C) Tilwara, Ajmer

 (D) Sewana, Barmer

Question 29: Which pilgrimage is called the nephew of all pilgrimages?

 (A) Matrukundia

 (B) Pushkar

 (C) Machkund Tirtha

 (D) Nandini Mata Tirtha

Question 30: which is known as Red Diamond?

 (A) Kota Stone

 (B) Dhaulpur Stone

 (C) Jaisalmer Stone

 (D) Bharatpur Stone

Question 31: The dargah of Neknam Baba is located at?

 (A) Baran

 (B) Banswara

 (C) Ajmer

 (D) Alwar

Question 32: Sawan-Bhado palace is located at?

 (A) Vilasgarh, Baran

 (B) Shergarh Fort, Baraan

 (C) Shahabad Fort, Baraan

 (D) Nahargarh Fort, Baraan

Question 33: which is called the Mecca of India?

 (A) Dungarpur

 (B) Banswara

 (C) Ajmer

 (D) Jhunjhunu

Question 34: Kalinjara is located?

 (A) On the banks of the river Anas

 (B) the bank of the hiran river

 (C) on the banks of the Mahi River

 (D) On the banks of the river Som

Question 35: Kelapani holy shrine is located at?

 (A) Banswara

 (B) Baran

 (C) Chittorgarh

 (D) Dungarpur

Question 36: which is known as a city of hundred islands?

 (A) Udaipur

 (B) Dungarpur

 (C) Banswara

 (D) Kota

Question 37 in Alwar, which is also known as the company garden?

 (A) Sariska

 (B) Jhilmil Daha

 (C) Mangadh

 (D) Purjan Vihar

Question 38: who Built Vijay Sagar Dam of Alwar?

 (A) Maharaja Vinay Singh

 (B) Maharaja Jai ​​Singh

 (C) Maharaja Mangal Singh

 (D) Maharaja Bakhtarsingh

Question 39: Chhatri of Musi Maharani of Alwar was constructed by?

 (A) Maharaja Vinay Singh

 (B) Maharaja Jai ​​Singh

 (C) Maharaja Mangal Singh

 (D) Maharaja Bakhtarsingh

Question 40: Nauchaikia Jain Temple belongs to which god?

 (A) Adinath

 (B) Mallinath

 (C) Neminath

 (D) Sambhavnath

Question 41 where is the famous site/place/temple of Narayani Mata-

 (A) Bharatpur

 (B) Sawai Madhopur

 (C) Alwar

 (D) Jhunjhunu

Question 42: The fair of Bharthari is organised in Alwar on which time/date?

 (A) Bhadva Sudi Ashtami

 (B) Shravan Krishna Ashtami

 (C) Shravan Sudi Ashtami

 (D) Bhadva Krishna Ashtami

Question 43: which is called the lion gate of Rajasthan ?

 (A) Bharatpur

 (B) Ajmer

 (C) Alwar

 (D) Sawaimadhopur

Question 44: Panchkund where Pandavas lived/hidden/agyatwas for some time?

 (A) Pushkar

 (B) Dausa

 (C) Bharatpur

 (D) Sawai Madhopur

Question 45: Abdulla Khan’s tomb is located at?

 (A) Kota

 (B) Ajmer

 (C) Alwar

 (D) Bikaner

Question 46: which is called Konkanathirtha?

 (A) Alwar

 (B) Pushkar

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Bundi

Question 47: The tomb of a horse in the Dargah complex in Rajasthan is located at?

 (A) Ajmer

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Nagaur

 (D) Jhunjhunu

Question 48: The Foysagar lake of Ajmer was built by?

 (A) In 1627 AD

 (B) 1655 AD

 (C) 1891-92 AD

 (D) 1900 A.D.

Question 49: Adhai din ka jhopra was built by?

 (A) Iltutmish

 (B) Mohammed bin Tughlaq

 (C) Qutubuddin Aibak

 (D) Firoz Tughlaq

Question 50: The heart place/centre place of Rajasthan is called?

 (A) Udaipur

 (B) Ajmer

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Kota

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