[Test 13] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

[Test 13] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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Question 1 Famous women social reformer Chhaganbane/Chaganben was related to which region of Rajasthan?

 (A) Jodhpur

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Bikaner

Question 2: The speed post service was started in Rajasthan?

 (A) 1987

 (B) 1986

 (C) 1983

 (D) 1984

Question 3:  Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary is located at?

 (A) Dhaulpur

 (B) Banswara

 (C) Chittorgarh

 (D) Baran

Question 4:  Indentify the group of people who have sworn in as Chief Minister of Rajasthan on three or more occasions –

 (A) Jayanarayan Vyas – Mohanlal Sukhadia – Haridev Joshi

 (B) Mohanlal Sukhadia – Haridev Joshi – Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

 (C) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat – Shiv Charan Mathur – Haridev Joshi

 (D) Mohanlal Sukhadia – Hiralal Shastri – Jayanarayan Vyas

Question 5: Which one of the following is not the center of cement industry in Rajasthan –

 (A) Gotan

 (B) Modak

 (C) Beawar

 (D) Gulabpura

Question 6:  According to the 2011 census, the percentage of urban population in Rajasthan is ?

 (A) 25.2

 (B) 24.0

 (C) 24.9

 (D) 25.7

Question 7: In which category more than 50 percent forest area in Rajasthan is included?

 (A) Reserved Forest Area

 (B) Protected forest area

 (C) Unclassified Area

 (D) Social Forestry

Question 8:  Who was the contemporary Chalukya ruler of Prithviraj Chauhan III ?

 (A) Bhimdev I

 (B) Bhimdev II

 (C) Jayachand

 (D) Permal

Question 9: Which of the following is the lowest peak in Aravali?

 (A) Kumbalgarh

 (B) Sajjangarh

 (C) Taragarh

 (D) Raghunathgarh

Question 10: Grierson said the dialect spoken in Bagad (Dungarpur – Banswara) is?

 (A) Gujarati

 (B) Mewari

 (C) Malvi

 (D) Bhili

Question 11 Which of the following ornaments is worn on the ear?

 (A) Teeka

 (B) Boolee

 (C) Tonti

 (D) Rimjhol

Question 12: What was the policy of Maharana of Mewar towards the Revolt of 1857?

 (A) Support to rebels

 (B) Support to the British

 (C) Apathy

 (D) None of the above

Question 13: Who is the author of Vansh Bhaskar?

 (A) Chand Bardai

 (B) Jagjivan

 (C) Jayachandra Suri

 (D) Suryamalla mishran

Question 14: which one is the longest national highways that pass through Rajasthan?

 (A) N. H. 8

 (B) N. H. 11

 (C) N. H. 14

 (D) N. H. 15

Question 15: Circular dance performed by Garasia women –

 (A) Mandal Dance

 (B) Gaur Dance

 (C) Mauria Dance

 (D) Lur dance

Q16 what is Gourband?

 (A) Neck ornament of women

 (B) Camel Neck Jewelry

 (C) Foot ornament

 (D) None of the above

Question 17: The main dialect of Middle East part of East Rajasthan is?

 (A) rangadi

 (B) Dundhadi

 (C) Mewati

 (D) Bagdi

Question 18 who is associated with Prithviraj Vijay?

 (A) Jayanak

 (B) Chandbardai

 (C) Malik Mohammad Jaisi

 (D) None of the above

Question 19 which fort of the state is called Suvarnagiri?

 (A) Jodhpur Fort

 (B) Amber Fort

 (C) Fort of Jalore

 (D) Bundi Fort

Question 20: The map of Jaipur city was prepared under the supervision of which architect?

 (A) Mandan

 (B) Pandit Vidhyadhar

 (C) Colonel Todd

 (D) None of the above

Question 21: To whom the Persian historian called the King of Hashmat?

 (A) Rao Chandrasen

 (B) Rao Maldev

 (C) Rao Jodha

 (D) Rao Bika

Question 22 Gandhi Sagar Dam is built on which river –

 (A) Parvati

 (B) Mahi

 (C) Chambal

 (D) Western Banas

Question 23 which city is called the entrance of the desert?

 (A) Jodhpur

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Jaisalmer

Question 24: The festival of Saturi Teej is celebrated –

 (A) Krishna Ashtami of Bhadrapada

 (B) Bhadrapada Krishna Tritiya

 (C) Chaitra Krishna Ashtami

 (D) Kartik Purnima

Question 25: The origin of the river Manasi Wakal is?

 (A) Phulwari ki naal sanctuary

 (B) Vindhyachal hill of Madhya Pradesh

 (C) Gogunda Hills

 (D) Aravalli mountain range

Question 26: seeravan refers to?

 (A) In the search area disguised as villagers

 (B) Morning meal of farmers in rural area

 (C) Lunch of rural farmers

 (D) None of these

Question 27 in the Bhil region who is known as Bawji ?

 (A) Manikyalal Verma

 (B) Motilal Tejawat

 (C) Bhogilal Pandya

 (D) None of the above

Question 28: In Rajasthan, the last state to make an alliance with the East India Company was –

 (A) Alwar

 (B) Sirohi

 (C) Mewar

 (D) Bikaner

Question 29: Which district produces the maximum spices in the state?

 (A) Ganganagar

 (B) Baran

 (C) Dungarpur

 (D) Banswara

Question 30: The famous wildlife sanctuary for flying squirrels is?

 (A) Sitamata

 (B) Phulwari’s ki naal

 (C) Kumbhalgarh

 (D) Tatgarh Ravali

Question 31: Which district with minimum forest area of ​​the state?

 (A) Ganganagar

 (B) Hanumangarh

 (C) Churu

 (D) Jodhpur

Question 32 which districts are there in the state, where there is no river?

 (A) Churu and Bikaner

 (B) Sirohi and Pali

 (C) Dungarpur and Banswara

 (D) Bikaner and Ganganagar

Question 33: Which tribe population is maximum in Rajasthan?

 (A) Sahariya

 (B) Garasia

 (C) Meena

 (D) Bhil

Question 34: Who is called Bhamashah of Rajasthan’s freedom struggle –

 (A) Maharaja Gangasingh

 (B) Arjunlal Sethi

 (C) Damodar Das Rathi

 (D) Bhogilal Pandya

Question 35: which is the famous composition of Mirabai –

 (A) Gitavali

 (B) Vinay Patrika

 (C) Padawali

 (D) Brajraj

Question 36: Sachhiyamata is a family goddess of?

 (A) Rathore

 (B) of Oswalas

 (C) Sisodia Rajputs

 (D) of the Chauhans of Jalore

Question 37: In which district of Rajasthan the Kath’s Rain Basera Mahal is situated?

 (A) Bikaner

 (B) Udaipur

 (C) Jodhpur

 (D) Jhalawar

Question 38: where is the ornament called folri is worn?

 (A) Around the neck

 (B) in the toe

 (C) Hand

 (D) Head

Question 39 Kamayacha is related to which of the following caste –

 (A) Manganiyar

 (B) Kanjar

 (C) Kalbeliya

 (D) Kamad

Question 40: Rajasthan has a famous sanctuary for black deer and Kurjan bird?

 (A) National Desert

 (B) Talachapar Sanctuary

 (C) Keoladeo National Park

 (D) Tatgarh Ravali Garden

Question 41: which one of the following districts is not a part of Dang area?

 (A) Dhaulpur

 (B) Karauli

 (C) Sawai Madhopur

 (D) Alwar

Question 42: Rajasthan has the first place in production of?

 (A) Sugarcane

 (B) Cotton

 (C) Mustard

 (D) Rice

Question 43: Devyani pilgrimage site is located in?

 (A) Pushkar

 (B) Nathdwara

 (C) Sikar

 (D) Sambhar Lake

Question 44 which of the following is not correctly matched?

 (A) Ranthambore National Park – Sawai Madhopur

 (B) Sariska National Park – Alwar

 (C) Keoladeo Ghana National Park – Karauli

 (D) National Desert Park – Jaisalmer

Question 45 where is the Mehrangarh Fort located?

 (A) Jodhpur

 (B) Jaisalmer

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Alwar

Question 46: In which district the people of Sahariya tribe live the most?

 (A) Jhalawar

 (B) Baran

 (C) Bundi

 (D) Tonk

Question 47 which ornament is not a nose ornament?

 (A) Clove

 (B) Nath

 (C) Chop

 (D) Mandalia

Question 48: In which district is the fort of Kumbalgarh located?

 (A) Udaipur

 (B) Chittorgarh

 (C) Rajsamand

 (D) Pratapgarh

Question 49: In which district is the famous Jain temple of Ranakpur located?

 (A) Sirohi

 (B) Pali

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Jalore

Question 50: Where is the dry forest research institute located?

 (A) Banswara

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Dungarpur

 (D) Jaisalmer

Question 51: where is the National Seed & Spices Research Center located?

 (A) Sanganer, Jaipur

 (B) Tabiji, Ajmer

 (C) Abu Road, Sirohi

 (D) Mathania, Jodhpur

Question 52 in which district the remains of Kalibanga civilization were founded?

 (A) Hanumangarh

 (B) Sriganganagar

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Churu

Question 53: In which district is the temple of Khatu Shyamji located?

 (A) Jhunjhunu

 (B) Sikar

 (C) Churu

 (D) Bikaner

Question 54: Kirti Stambha situated in the Chittorgarh fort is dedicated to?

 (A) Jain Tirthankar Adinath

 (B) Mahavir Swami

 (C) Rana Sanga

 (D) Rana Kumbha

Question 55 Jai Singh II did not build Jantar Mantar in which of the following city?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Benaras

 (C) Mathura

 (D) Ayodhya

Question 56 Quit India movement was started –

 (A) 9 August 1940

 (B) On August 9, 1941

 (C) On August 9, 1942

 (The) on August 9, 1943

Question 57: What is the area of ​​Rajasthan?

 (A) 3, 40, 239 sq km.

 (B) 3, 41, 239 sq km.

 (C) 3, 42, 239 sq km.

 (D) 3, 43, 239 sq km.

Question 58: In ancient times, the territory of the state known as Chandravati is?

 (A) Jalore – Barmer and surrounding area

 (B) Sirohi – Abu and surrounding area

 (C) Dungarpur – Banswara Area

 (D) Udaipur – Rajsamand – Bhilwara area

Question 59: The landmass in Dang area is –

 (A) Dhaulpur

 (B) Karauli

 (C) Some part of Madhopur

 (D) All of the above

Question 60: Abu Dilwara region of Sirohi state was included in which phase of Rajasthan formation –

 (A) Phase IV

 (B) Fifth phase

 (C) Sixth stage

 (D) Seventh phase

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