[Test 10] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3

[Test 10] RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Paper 3Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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Question 1: Recently the State Tourism Advisory Committee was formed in Rajasthan. Who is the chairman of this committee?

 (A) Ashok Gehlot

 (B) Shanti Kumar Dhariwal

 (C) Lalchand Kataria

 (D) Vishvendra Singh

Question 2:  New schools on public health (SPH) have been launched in which of the following state?

 (A) Haryana

 (B) Rajasthan

 (C) Punjab

 (D) Bihar

Question 3:  which state issued M-sand policy, the much awaited policy has been issued for construction works?

 (A) Chhattisgarh

 (B) Bihar

 (C) Uttar Pradesh

 (D) Rajasthan

Question 4:  recently, who has appointed the Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Rajasthan?

 (A) Manoj Bhatt

 (B) Anand Shrivastav

 (C) GK Vyas

 (D) Dinesh NM

 Question 5: Recently, who received Shakuntalam awarded from the Rajasthan Progressive Writers Association?

(A) Taslim Khan

 (B) Tasneem Khan

 (C) Saroj Khan

 (D) Hasina Banu

 Question 6: Recently which department of Rajasthan Government has been launched Raj Kisan Biological App?

(A) Finance Department

 (B) Education Department

 (C) Women and Child Development Department

 (D) Department of Agriculture

 Answer: Agriculture Department

 Question 7: Recently, Which Scientist Team has prepared the eco-friendly paint made of cow dung?

 (A) ME Khan

 (B) Imran Khan

 (C) SP Sharma

 (D) Lala Ram Saini

 Question 8: Recently Dr. Anulok Jain received the prestigious National Business Leadership and

Service Excellence Award has been awarded the, from which district of Rajasthan he is belongs to?

 (A) Jaipur

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Jaisalmer

 (D) Kota

Question 9: Which operation is started on the western international border of Rajasthan by Border Security Force (BSF)?

 (A) Wind

 (B) Surya Hope

 (C) Cooperation

 (D) Cold Air

Question 10: when was the birth anniversary of former Chief Minister Barkatullah Khan celebrated?

 (A) 20 August

 (B) 21 August

 (C) 23 August

 (D) 25 August

 Question 11: Recently, the minimum age limit of village guards in Rajasthan has been increased from 30 year to?

(A) 32 years

 (B) 35 years

 (C) 40 years

 (D) 44 years

 Question 12: In which city the country’s first regional polling awareness center will be established?

Will be done –

 (A) Jodhpur

 (B) Bikaner

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Jaipur

 Question 13: who is appointed for General issues in the United Nations Security Council by the Central Government appointed to speak, make statements and represent India –

 (A) Rajesh Parihar

 (B) Rajiv Swaroop

 (C) Shiv Nadar

 (D) Bhupesh Kumar

Question 14:  which app to be launched for students of Sanskrit education in Rajasthan

(A) Education

 (B) Examination

 (C) Devvani

 (D) Sanskrit Education

 Question 15: Which campaign has been started by Jodhpur Police to take action against the people who forced child in to labor?

 (A) Operation Labor

 (B) Operation Bachpan II

 (C) Operation Support

 (D) Operation Asha II

Question 16: which state launched Public Welfare Portal (PWP), so that the state can be consolidated all information about the schemes –

 (A) Rajasthan

 (B) Uttar Pradesh

 (C) Madhya Pradesh

 (D) Punjab

 Question 17: Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari completed Inauguration and foundation stone of 18 National Highway projects costing Rs 8,341 crore in which Indian state?

(A) Punjab

 (B) Rajasthan

 (C) Tamil Nadu

 (D) Karnataka

 Question 18: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to set up an automated bank processing center in the city to send, received and stored.

(A) Delhi

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Jodhpur

 (D) Udaipur

Question 19: Which project will start by the Central Government to reduce agricultural emissions in Rajasthan?

(A) Green AG Project

 (B) Green field plan

 (C) Khushar Kisan Yojana

 (D) Samruddhi Kisan Yojana

Question 20: for imparting digital education a platform SMILE is started by Rajasthan government.

The full form of SMILE platform is –

 (A) Social Media Interface for Learning Engagement

 (B) Special Media Interact for Learning Engagement

 (C) Super Media Interface for Lesson Engagement

 (D) Solution Making Lesson for Every One

Question 21: libraries of all government schools named after freedom fighters in which district of Rajasthan?

(A) Nagaur

 (B) Kota

 (C) Jaipur

 (D) Bharatpur

Question 22: Recently the first beggar’s house and rehabilitation center has been started by the Government of Rajasthan?

(A) Sikar

 (B) Jodhpur

 (C) Kota

 (D) Jaipur

Question 23: Recently Irfan Ali Goud, former Rajasthan international player died, he is associated with which game?

 (A) Basketball

 (B) Volleyball

 (C) Hockey

 (D) Cricket

Question 24: Where did Rajasthan’s first Women’s Hockey Khelo India Center was set up?

(A) Churu

 (B) Jaipur

 (C) Udaipur

 (D) Bikaner

Question 25: recently which district of Rajasthan ranked third in India in case of breastfeeding?

 (A) Jhunjhunu

 (B) Sikar

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Udaipur

Question 26: Who was the first Lokayukta of Rajasthan?

 (A) VS. Dave

 (B) D.P. Gupta

 (C) M.L. Joshi

 (D) I.D. Dua

Question 27: Which state was the first to enact a law for the Lokayukta –

 (A) Rajasthan

 (B) Haryana

 (C) Orissa

 (D) Punjab

Question 28: Choose the correct answer:

Who is first to recommended the appointment of a Public Commissioner at the state level?

 (A) Rajasthan Administrative Reforms Committee

 (B) Administrative Reforms Commission of India (1966-70)

 (C) Second Administrative Reforms Commission

 (D) Santhanam Committee

Question 29: For the appointment of Lokayukta in Rajasthan, Governor Consults with which of the following?

 (A) Chief Minister

 (B) Chief Minister and Chief Justice of High Court

 (C) Chief Minister and leader of opposition party in the state assembly

 (D) Chief Minister, Chief Justice of High Court and in the State Legislative Assembly With the leader of the opposing party

Question 30: Who first gave the word Lokpal –

 (A) K. Radhakrishnan

 (B) Morarji Desai

 (C) LM Singhvi

 (D) NK Jain

Question 31: The Lokayukta and deputy-Lokayukta Act 1973 was passed in Rajasthan?

 (A) 28 August 1961

 (B) 3 June 1963

 (C) 3 February 1966

 (D) 3 February 1973

Question 32: The first deputy Lokayukta of the Rajasthan state was?

 (A) UP Memon

 (B) KPU Menon

 (C) I.D. Dua

 (D) S.S. Kothari

Question 32: Rajasthan Lokayukta institution was established?

 (A) 1970

 (B) 1971

 (C) 1972

 (D) 1973

Question 33: In which of the following states, first Lokayukta institution was established?

(A) Maharashtra

 (B) Odisha

 (C) Bihar

 (D) Rajasthan

Question 34: Which of the following is not included under the jurisdiction of Lokayukta in Rajasthan?

 (A) Minister

 (B) Chief Minister

 (C) Members of the service of corporations established by the Acts of Rajasthan

 (D) District Head and Head

Question 35: During the appointment of Lokayukta in Rajasthan, the Governor does not consult with?

(A) Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly

 (B) President of India

 (C) Chief Minister of the state

 (D) Chief Justice of High Court

Question 36: Consider the jurisdiction of Lokayukta in Rajasthan and Select the correct answer with the help of codes:

1. Ministers only

2. Ministers including the Chief Minister

3. Servants of corporations established by the law of the state of Rajasthan

4. District head, sub-district head, head and sub-principal

 (A) 1 and 3

 (B) 2 and 3

 (C) 1, 3 and 4

 (D) 2, 3 and 4

Question 37: The tenure of Lokayukta in Rajasthan is?

 (A) 5 years or 65 years of age, whichever is earlier

 (B) 5 years or 66 years of age, whichever is earlier

 (C) 5 years or 60 years of age, whichever is earlier

 (D) 5 years or 62 years of age, whichever is earlier

Question 38: Consider the following statements:

1. Lokayukta institution in Rajasthan was established in the year 1973.

2. Justice ID Dua was the first Lokayukta of Rajasthan.

 (A) Only 1 is correct

 (B) Only 2 is correct

 (C) Both 1 and 2 are correct

 (D) Both 1 and 2 are wrong

Question 39: When is National Women’s Day celebrated in India?

 (A) 8 March

 (B) 13 February

 (C) 11 April

 (D) 1 August

Question 40: When was the Women’s Policy issued in Rajasthan –

 (A) 1 January 1999

 (B) March 8, 2000

 (C) 7 April 2000

 (D) March 11, 2001

Question 41: What type of organization is Rajasthan State Women’s Commission –

A. Constitutional body

B. Statutory Bodies

C. Autonomous Bodies

D. Non-statutory body

Code –

 (A) A, D

 (B) B, C

 (C) D

 (D) None of these

Question 42: Members including Chairman and Member Secretary in Rajasthan State Women Commission, the number is?

 (A) 2

 (B) 3

 (C) 4

 (D) 5

Question 43: Under which Act was the State Women’s Commission set up in Rajasthan –

 (A) Rajasthan State Commission for Women Act, 1990

 (B) Rajasthan State Commission for Women Act, 1992

 (C) Rajasthan State Commission for Women Act, 1997

 (D) Rajasthan State Commission for Women Act, 1999

Question 44: based on the National Commission for Women Act 1990 by the Government of India was set up National Women’s Commission on which date?

 (A) 31 January 1990

 (B) 31 January 1991

 (C) 31 January 1992

 (D) 31 January 1993

Question 45: Who was the first chairperson of the State Women’s Commission?

 (A) Pawan Surana

 (B) Kanta Khaturia

 (C) Kanta Bhatnar

 (D) Krishna Kumari

Question 46: State Women’s Commission has been created –

 (A) By amending the Constitution of India

 (B) With the decision of the State Cabinet

 (C) by order of the Governor of the state

 (D) by an Act passed by the Legislative Assembly

Question 47:  When was the Rajasthan State Women’s Commission formed –

 (A) 13 May 1992

 (B) 14 May 1996

 (C) 15 May 1999

 (D) 25 May 2000

Question 48: of the following, who does not join in the Selection Committee of the Chairman of the State Human Rights Commission?

(A) Chief Minister

 (B) Speaker of Legislative Assembly

 (C) Chief Justice

 (D) Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly

Question 49: The maximum age of term of the members of the State Human Rights Commission is?

 (A) 70 years

 (B) 65 years

 (C) 60 years

 (D) 62 years

Question 50: What type of organization is the National Human Rights Commission?

A. Constitutional body

B. Statutory Bodies

C. Autonomous Bodies

D. Non-statutory body

Code –

 (A) A, D

 (B) B, C

 (C) D

 (D) None of these

Question 51: After amendment in 2006, presently Member strength of State Human Rights Commission and the president’s organization is –

 (A) One Chairman and two Members

 (B) One chairman and four members

 (C) One Chairman and three Members

 (D) One Chairman and five members

Question 52: National and State Human Rights Commission was constituted respectively –

 (A) 12 October 1993, 18 March 2000

 (B) 28 September 1993, 18 March 1999

 (C) 10 December 1948, 12 October 1993

 (D) 18 March 1993, 30 March 2000

Question 53: Who has the Right to dismiss the chairman and members of the State Human Rights Commission?

(A) High Court on the recommendation of the Governor

 (B) Governor on the recommendation of High Court

 (C) President on the recommendation of the Supreme Court

 (D) Supreme Court on the recommendation of the President

Question 54:  To whom does the State Human Rights Commission send its annual report ?

 (A) State Government

 (B) President

 (C) Governor

 (D) Central Government

Question 55: How many members are there in the State Human Rights Commission?

 (A) One Chairman and three other members

 (B) One Chairman and two other members

 (C) One Chairman and four other members

 (D) Five other members in a Chairperson

Question 56: ‘Akhand Bharat’ newspaper was published by?

 (A) Jayanarayan Vyas

 (B) Arjunlal Sethi

 (C) Sagarmal Gopa

 (D) Anandmal Surana

Question 57: Which of the following newspaper was released by Devishankar Tiwari –

 (A) Lokmat

 (B) public servant

 (C) Lokvani

 (D) Agivana

Question 58: Who did Akhand Newspaper publication from Bombay?

 (A) Jayanarayan Vyas

 (B) Jamnalal Bajaj

 (C) Support

 (D) Bhupendra Trivedi

Question 59: Who published the Rajputana Gazette from Ajmer?

 (A) Maulvi Murad Ali

 (B) Maulvi Hussain Ali

 (C) Maulvi Ahmed Ali

 (D) None of these

Question 60: Who is called the Bhishma Pitamah of Journalism?

 (A) Pt. Jhabarmal Sharma

 (B) Vijay Singh Pathik

 (C) Muni jin vijay

 (D) Harvilas Sharda

Question 61 -Match the followings:

             Newspaper               place

      1. Jaihind                          a. Wardha

      2. Tarun Rajasthan                      b. kota

      3. Naveen Rajasthan       c. Ajmer

      4. Rajasthan Kesari                     d. Beawar

1, 2, 3, 4

 (A) B, D, S, A

 (B) A, S, B

 (C) c, b, a, d

 (D) D, A, B, S

Question 62: The first weekly newspaper published in Rajasthan was?

 (A) Rajasthan News

 (B) Tarun Rajasthan

 (C) Sajjan Kirti Sudhakar

 (D) Rajputana Gazetteer

Question 63: Which of the following newspapers has supported the Bijolia Kisan Andolan?

(A) Pratap

 (B) Rajasthan Sandesh

 (C) Veer Arjun

 (The) Young India

Question 64: Who was the founder of a newspaper named ‘Naveen Rajasthan’?

 (A) Arjun Lal Sethi

 (B) Manikyalal Verma

 (C) Vijay Singh Pathik

 (D) Gopal Singh Kharwa

Question 65: Who sacrificed his life in the Khejdali movement ?

 (A) Padmini Devi

 (B) Karma Devi

 (C) Meena Devi

 (D) Amrita Devi

Question 66: who was related to Vanasthali Vidyapeeth –

 (A) Ratan Shastri

 (B) Mahima Devi

 (C) Kasturba Gandhi

 (D) Narayani Devi

Question 67: Kalibai is related to which movement in Rajasthan ?

 (A) Bijoulia Movement

 (B) Begu movement

 (C) Rastapal movement

 (D) Swadeshi Movement

Question 68: Which of the following statements is wrong with reference to Narayani Devi Varma?

 (A) She was a Rajya Sabha member from 1970 to 1976

 (B) She established the Mahila Ashram in Bhilwara in 1944

 (C) She was a member of the Lok Sabha from 1957 to 1962.

 (D) He had to go to jail for participating in the 1942 movement.

Question 69: which women took charge of operation of Mewar Prajamandal after Manikya Lal Verma went to jail in 1939?

(A) Narayani Devi

 (B) Vijaya Bahn Bhavsar

 (C) Mahima Devi Kinkar

 (D) Bhagwati Devi Vishnoi

Question 70: who Lead womens in Bijoulia and Begun peasant movements –

 (A) Janaki Devi Bajaj

 (B) Anjana Devi Chaudhary

 (C) Lakshmi Devi Acharya

 (D) Narayani Devi Verma

Question 71: The following line is famous for -‘Chundavat mange sainani, sir kata de diyo kshatrani’

 (A) Salah Kanwar

 (B) Roop Kanwar

 (C) Anand Kanwar

 (D) Vijay Kanwar

Question 72:  Who was saved Pannadhay’s life?

 (A) Sanga

 (B) Ratan Singh

 (C) Pratap

 (D) Uday Singh

Question 73: After leaving Chittor with Uday Singh, in which place did Pannadhay take shelter?

(A) Devalia

 (B) Dungarpur

 (C) Delwara

 (D) Kumbhalgarh

Question 74: Which of the following was a former freedom fighter of Kota state?

 (A) Anjana Devi

 (B) Kamala independent

 (C) Narayani Devi

 (D) Shantadevi Trivedi

Question 75: Which of the following women did not go to jail during the freedom struggle?

 (A) Anjana Devi

 (B) Narayani Devi

 (C) Ratna Shastri

 (D) Kali Bai

Question 76: which female political and social activist of Ajmer was deported from the states of Mewar and Bundi due to their activities?

 (A) Kokila Devi

 (B) Shakuntala Devi Trivedi

 (C) Anjana Devi Chaudhary

 (D) Satyavati Sharma

Question 77: The place where Kalibai was martyred is –

 (A) Rastapal

 (B) Sagwara

 (C) Khadalai

 (D) Kherwara

Question 78: Freedom fighter and politician Nagendrabala related to which city of Rajasthan?

(A) Jaipur

 (B) Kota

 (C) Bikaner

 (D) Jodhpur

Question 79: Who was the first woman arrested during the freedom movement of Rajasthan?

(A) Nagendra Bala

 (B) Anjana Devi Chaudhary

 (C) Ratan Shastri

 (D) Ramadevi Pandey

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