(Test 3) RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan

RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: General Studies of Rajasthan Test 3Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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Q 1: Which foreign traveler has called ‘Peel Molo’ of Bhinmal?

A. Hansang

B. Faharan

C. Megasthenes

D. None of the above

Q 2: which was the only Muslim princely state of Rajasthan?

A. Jhalawar

B. Banswara

C. Tonk

D. Udaipur

Q 3: which place of rajasthan is famous for best and quality work of Meenakari?

A. Jaipur

B.  Udaipur

C. Pratapgarh

D. Bundi

Q 4: Saint Jambhoji was born at which place?

A. Pipasar in Nagaur

B. Neemrana

C. Madalgarh

D. Peepaluda

Q 5: On which date is the festival of Gangaur celebrated?

A. Chaitra Krishna Pratipada

B. Chaitra Shukla Tritiya

C. Chaitra Shukla Panchami

D. Chaitra Krishna Tritiya

Q 6: Vajrasen Suri is known for which style of Dingle?

A. Jain Style

B. Bard Style

C. Cosmic Style

D. Saint Style

Q 7: When did the revolution of 1857 originated in Rajasthan?

A. 29 March 1857

B. 31 May 1857

C. 28 May 1857

D. 01 June 1857

Q 8: the famous beankar Rajab Ali was the courtier of which ruler/king?

A. Sawai Pratap Singh

B. Sawai Ram Singh

C. Sawai Jai Singh

D. Nawab Ibrahim Khan

Q 9: The first excavation in Mohenjodado was obtained the remains of the Indus valley civilization in which of the following year?

A. 1911

B. 1920

C. 1921

D. 1947

Q 10: Match the following-

     Ancient land           kingdom

(i) Ellora Caves            1. Uttar Pradesh

(ii) Lothal                     2. Bihar

(iii) Nalanda                 3. Gujarat

(iv) Sarnath                 4. Maharashtra

    (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

A. 1 2 3 4

B. 4 3 2 1

C. 4 3 1 2

D. 3 4 1 2

Q 11: In which one of the following inscriptions the information is there about the Pratiharas of Mandore?

A. Jodhpur

B. Ghatiyala

C. both

D. None

Q 12: When was the Greater Rajasthan formed?

A. March 30, 1949

B. April 18, 1948

C. May 15, 1949

D. 1 November 1956

Q 13: In Thevakala of Pratapgarh, which color is used as a base on the gold ornaments, to complete the golden meenakari work on Belgium glass?

A. red

B. Blue

C. yellow

D. Green

Q 14: Jambhoji, the promoter of Vishnoi sect, is considered as an incarnation of?

A. Ganesha

B. Brahara

C. Vishnu

D. Laxman

Q 15: When does the fair of Phuldol organise in Shahpura of Ramsnehi community?

A. Rang Panchami

B. Basant Panchami

C. Nagapanchami

D. Rishi Panchami

Q 16: what is the other name of ‘Veer Ras Pradhan’ dingle style?

A. Jain Style

B. Charan Style

C. Cosmic Style

D. Saint Style

Q 17: How many military cantonments were there in Rajasthan at the time of the revolution of 1857?

A. 7

B. 5

C. 6

D. 9

Q 18: who is the author of famous musical book Radha Govind Sangeet Saar?

A. Brajpal Bhat

B. Pundarik Vitthal

C. Maestro chand khan

D. Pt. Bhavbhatt

Q 19: Under the leadership of which English authority, excavation work was started in Mohenjodado and Harappa?

A. John Marshall

B. Lord Curzon

C. Smith

D. Colonel Todd

Q 20: Who was the founder of Rathore clan in Marwar?

A. Seeha

B. Chuda

C. Jachmal

D. Raymal

Q 21: Who is responsible for the integration of Rajasthan?

A. Hiralal Shastri

B.  Vallabhbhai Patel

C. Jayanarayan Vyas

D. Vijay Singh Pathik

Q 22: The permanent enamel (meenakari) work is done on which of the following?

A. copper

B. Brass

C. Iron

D. Clay pots

Q 23: Where is the Mukti Dham (Samadhi Seal of Jambhoji) located?

A. Katiyasar

B. Choti Sadri

C. Pipasar

D. Mukam

Q 24: Amavasya of which month is called Hariyali Amavasya?

A. Bhadrapada

B. Jyestha

C. Shravan

D. Ashadhi

Q 25: How many dialects of Rajasthani language have been described by Sir George Abraham Grierson in the ‘Linguistic Survey of India’?

A. three

B. four

C. five

D. Six

Q 26: Who was the AGG (Agent to Governor General) in Rajasthan at the time of the revolution of 1857?

A. Macmossan

B. Patrick Lawrence

C. Colonel Eden

D. Major Button

Q 27: Devarshi Brajpal Bhat was the musician in the court of?

A. Sawai Pratap Singh

B. Sawai Mansingh

C. Sawai Ram Singh

D. Maharaja Anoop Singh

Q 28: Indus valley people worshiped which goddess?

A. Lakshmi

B. Saraswati

C. Mother Goddess

D. Durga

Q 29:– who was the Founder of Anglo Oriental College (Aligarh Muslim).

A. Maulana Azad

B. Syed Ahmed Khan

C. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed

D. None of these

Q 30: When was the Giri Sumail battle fought?

A. 1540 AD

B. 1541 AD

C. 1542 AD

D. 1544 AD

Q 31: Who was the Deputy Prime Minister of Matsya Union?

A. Haridev Joshi

B. K. s. Accountant

C. Jugalkishore Chaturvedi

D. Devishankar Tiwadi

Q 32: Where is the training center established for the cutting and polishing of ‘artificial gems’ in Rajasthan?

A. Udaipur

B. Jaipur

C. Kota

D. Pratapgarh

Q 33: The Sultan of Delhi, Sikander Lodi agreed to ban cow slaughter on the advice of which lokdevta of rajasthan?

A. Saint Pipji

B. Sant Jambhoji

C. Saint Hadabun

D. Ramdev ji

Q 34: When is Chhoti Teej celebrated?

A. Bhadrapad Shukla Tritiya

B. Vaisakha Shukla Tritiya

C. Chaitra Shukla Tritiya

D. Shravan Shukla Tritiya

Q 35: Dr. Narottam Lal Swami divided the Rajasthani language in how many categories?

A. Seven

B. six

C. five

D. four

Q 36: Match the following –

     Riyasat                               Political agent during 1857

1 Marwad                            (a) Mac Moson

2 Mewad                             (b) Major Sharvus

3 Jaipur                                 (c) Colonel Eden

4 Kota                                   (d) Major Burton

      I II III IV

 A. a b c d

B. a b d c

C. a c d b

D. d c b a

Q 37: Who represents the oldest and Hindu style of Kathak?

A. Lucknow

B. Delhi

C. Jaipur

D. Patiala

Q 38: There is evidence found to be a port at which site of Indus valley civilization?

A. Mohenjodado

B. Kalibanga

C. Harappa

D. Lothal

Q 39: The creator of ‘Ratnavali’ is –

A. Banabhatta

B. Harshvardhan

C. Rabindranath Tagore

D. Nazrul Islam

Q 40: Zeta and Kumpa were the brave generals in which army?

A. Maldev’s

B. Maharana Pratap’s

C. Maharana Kumbha’s

D. Rana Sanga’s

Q 41: How many districts of Rajasthan were there at the time of full integration of Rajasthan, i.e on November 1, 1956?

A. 25

B. 26

C. 27

D. 28

Q 42: from which of the following, people of Vishnoi society consider the ‘fifth Veda’?

A. Ramayana

B. Mahabharata

C. Geeta

D. Jamb Sagar

Q 43: Dr. Motilal Menaria has divided Rajasthani language into how many classes?

A. five

B. six

C. Seven

D. Eight

Q 44: In Rajasthan, which military plays major lead role during the revolution of 1857?

A. Meerut Cantonment

B. Neemuch Cantonment

C. Cantonment of Erinpura

D. Cantonment of Nasirabad

Q 45: Who is the originator of the Kathak in Jaipur royal house?

A. Waghi Jat

B. Manrang khan

C. Sadarang khan

D. Bhanuji

Q46. In Which District Central Camel Breeding Centre is located?

a) Baran

b) Jodhpur

c) Tonk

d) Jhunjhunu

Ans .  B

Q 47: Who is also known as ‘Maharana Pratap of Marwar’?

A. Maldev

B. Ganga

C. Chandrasen

D. Jodha

Q 48: Who was the Prime Minister of United Rajasthan?

A. Gokul Lal Asawa

B. Shobaram Kumawat

C. Hiralal Shastri

D. Manikya Lal Verma

Q 49: On the thin stone like paper, the work of Meenakari is done at which place in rajasthan?

A. Bikaner

B. Jaipur

C. Bharatpur

D. Sanganer

Q 50: Two female (environment and nature lovers), who had sacrificed their lives on the day of Jeth Badi Dooj Samvat 1661, in protest against cutting the tree of Khejri?

A. Karma and Gora

B. Gora and Badal

C. Madhu and Ghori

D. Meera and Gawar

Q 51: which is the largest dialect in Rajasthan in the terms of area/region?

A. Dhundadi

B. Marwadi

C. Mewati

D. Ahiri

Q 52: Thakur of Auwa who led the revolutionaries during the revolution of 1857

A. Kumpa singh Champawat

B. Thakur Kamal Singh Champawat

C. Kushal Singh Champawat

D. Takht Singh Champawat

Q 53: Famous singer Kishori Amorankar is related to which gharana of singing ?

A. Alladia Gharana

B. Patiala Gharana

C. Jaipur Gharana

D. Dagar Gharana

Q 54: In the ‘War of Pahoba’, Maldev establish suzerainty over Bikaner to defeat which of the following king?

A. Maharaja Raisingh

B. Karna Singh

C. Rao Bika

D. Rao Jaitasi

Q 55: Which princely state was merged in Rajasthan on January 26, 1950?

A. Sirohi

B. majesty

C. Bundi

D. Jhalawar

Q 56: In Rajasthan, where is the work of Meenakari done on brass?

A. Jaipur and Bharatpur

B. Jaipur and Sikar

C. Jaipur and Alwar

D. Jaipur and Jodhpur

Q 57: Which is the birth of saint Dadudayal?

A. Khalsa

B. Aspur

C. Ahmedabad

D. Naraina

Q58. Desert National Park is located at

a) Bikaner

b) Jaisalmer

c) Bhilwara

d) Kota

Q59. recently notification issued by the Ministry of Environment, which sanctuary was declared as eco-sensitive zone (ESZ)?

A. Chambal

B. Keoladeo

C. Sariska

D. None of the above

Q. 60 who is appointed as a Chairman of Rajasthan Human Rights Commission in Jan 2021?

A. G K Vyas

B. Mahesh Goyal

C. R. K Sinha

D. P.K Joshi

Q. 61 through which scheme, small and marginal farmers in Rajasthan are assisted in irrigation work?

A. Jaldhara scheme

B. Jeevandhara scheme

C. Krishi sichayi


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