Sociology Practice Test 2: RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021

Sociology Practice Test 2: RPSC College Lecturer Exam 2021: Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the recruitment for Technical and Non Technical Education Department for the post of Lecture. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission has released the recruitment for Assistant Professor and lecturer (Technical Education) Posts. There are 918 vacancies for these posts. This is a big opportunity for candidates who waiting for jobs in RPSC. It is essential to know details like Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Exam Date, Previous Year Papers, and Admit Card.

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1:-Which of the following is not a characteristic of city life?



C:-Social distance


2:-The marriage of a women to a man from a lower caste is called

A:-Levirate marriage



D:-Sororate marriage

3:-Marriage among Muslim community is a



C:-Religious bond


4:-A custom by which on the death of a women, her husband marries her sister is called





5:-A Namboodiri joint family is called





6:-A family in which the husband lives at his wife’s parent’s house





7:-Match the following and chose the correct code :

a. G. S. Ghurye 1. Social change in modern India

 b. M. N. Srinivas 2. Subaltern approach

c. A. R. Desai 3. Indian sadhus

d. B. R. Ambedkar 4. Marxian approach

A:-1, 4, 2, 3

B:-4, 1, 2, 3

C:-2, 1, 3, 4

D:-3, 1, 4, 2

8:-Who wrote the book ‘Kinship Organisation in India’?


B:-Mc Kim Marriott

C:-Iravati Karve

D:-Louis Dumont

9:-The first state which implemented the Panchayathi Raj System in India on 2-10-1959.




D:-West Bengal

10:-The system under which maternal uncle gets prominent place in kinship is known as





11:-The process whereby the members of upper castes are coming closer to the members of lower castes is denoted by the concept of





12:-Competition of economy by fewer and fewer corporation in a complex modern society is known as





13:-Who gave the ‘Axiate Hypothesis’ while discussing the process of urbanisation ?


B:-Homer Hyot



14:-Which of the following explains the process of Westernization in India ?



C:-Reference group


15:-Read the following sentences and choose the correct answer:

1.  Status refers to the position a person occupies in a particular setting and role is associated with status

2.  A person cannot occupy more than one status but can have more roles      

A:-Statement 1 only is correct      

B:-Statement 2 only is correct      

C:-Both statements are correct      

D:-Both statements are wrong       

16:-Social thinker who advocated the scientific study of society      



C:-Auguste Comte       


17:- Which is not a form of social stratification ?

 (A) Religion

 (B) Class

 (C) Caste

 (D) Gender

18:-‘Iron cage’ of rationalization would characterize the modern society. Whose Idea is this ?      

A:-Emile Durkheim       

B:-Vilfredo Pareto       

C:-Karl Marx       

D:-Max Weber      

19:-Which is not a part of non-material culture ?      





20:-Who is associated with the work ‘An invitation to Reflexive Sociology’ ?      

A:-Peter Berger       

B:-Jurgen Habermas        

C:-Loic Wacquant       

D:-None of these      

21:-Which is connected to the growth of both modern science and the Industrial Revolution ?      





22:-Who is the Anthropologist who pioneered the ethnographic studies in India ?      

A:-Henry Maine       

B:-M. N. Srinivas       

C:-Max Muller       

D:-Herbert Risley      

23:-Material culture does not refer to

1.  Ideas, values, believes

2.  Physical objects and materials

3.  Objects that are culturally shaped

4.  Social and ecological conditions      

A:-One only is correct       

B:-Two and three are correct       

C:-All the four are correct       

D:-All the four are wrong       

24:-Which of the following order of the thinkers correctly match with the ideas given below ?

1. Manifest function

2. Compliance as reward

3. Conflict as functional

4. Action and order      

A:-Blau, Homans, Coser, Merton      

B:-Merton, Blau, Coser, Alexander      

C:-Merton, Homans, Coser, Alexander      

D:-Alexander, Coser, Blau, Homans      

25:-Which is not a category of social stratification ?      





26:-Choose the correct statement :

1. Socialization is a continuous and life long process 2. Socialization is integral to child rearing and nurturing      

A:-Statement one only is correct        B:-Statement two only is correct      

C:-Both statements are correct        D:-Both statements are wrong      

27:-______________ occurs when commodities are available in a limited supply .      

A:-Conflict        B:-Contravention        C:-Competition        D:-All of these      

28:-Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?      

A:-Social Organization — C. H. Cooley      

B:-Mind Self and Society — Herbert Blumer      

C:-The Social Construction of Reality — Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann      

D:-The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life — Erving Goffman      

29:-Choose the correct from the codes given below Participant observation is suitable for,

1. Qualitative studies

2. Quantitative studies

3. Surveys

4. Ethnographic studies      

A:-1 and 4       

B:-1 and 3       

C:-3 and 4       

D:-4 and 2      

30:-__________ conducts Breaching experiments .      





31:-Choose the correct codes that match set 1 with and set 2 .    

Set 1                               Set 2

1.  Saussure                  a.  Post modernism

2.  Derrida                     b.  Discourse Analysis

3.  Foucault                   c.  Linguistic Analysis

4.  Giddens                    d.  Deconstruction      

A:-c − d − b − a      

B:-b − d − c − a      

C:-c − d − a − b      

D:-c − a − d − b      

32:-Quantitative study includes      

A:-Incorporates the practices and norms of the positive science      

B:-Social reality is perceived as external and objective      

C:-Employs deductive approach in testing theories      

D:-All of these      

33:-Choose the correct option for the given below which is not a non-probability sampling

1.  Convenient sample

2.  Quota sample

3.  Purposive sample

4.  Multi stage sample      

A:-Only 3       

B:-Only 4       

C:-Both 2 and 4       

D:-All the four      

34:-There are ___________ major languages in India.      





35:-Match the following:     

      Set 1                                                              Set 2

1.  Untouchable God                                            a.  M. N. Srinivas

2.  Indian Society                                                b.  G. S. Ghurye

3.  The Remembered Village                               c.  S. C. Dube

4.   From Mobilization to Institutionalization          d. Kancha Illaich                                                                          

e.  T. K. Oommen      

A:-d − b − c − e      

B:-a − c − e − d      

C:-d − c − a − e      

D:-d − e − a − c      

36:-Which of the following is not a part of secondary data ?      



C:-Market surveys       


37:-Which is not true of the `Fifth` Schedule of the Indian Constitution ?

1.  Protects the cultural distinctiveness and identity of Tribal People

2.  The Governor has the power to modify or annual the application of any law pertaining to     the designated scheduled areas

3.  Deals with the administration and control of scheduled areas and scheduled tribes in every     State

4.  Provides the Constitution of a Tribes Advisory Council      

A:-Only 3      

B:-Only 2      

C:-Both 2 and 3      

D:-None of the above    


38:-__________ is a trade union for women working in informal sector.       





39:-Who has used the concept ‘westoxication’ in the Indian context ?      

A:-T. K. Oommen       

B:-Satish Despande       

C:-Veena Das       

D:-Dipankar Gupta      

40:-‘Towards Equality’, the report on the Status of Women in India that laid the foundation of women’s movement in Independent India, was published in      





41:-Match the following :        

Set 1                            Set 2

1.  A. G. Frank        −       a.  Small is Beautiful

2.  Wallerstein         −      b.   Hind Swaraj

3.  M. K. Gandhi      −      c.   The Underdevelopment of Development

4.  Schumacher       −      d.   The Modern World System                              −    

e.   Capitalism in the Age of Globalization      

A:-e − d − b − c      

B:-c − d − b − a      

C:-c − d − a − e      

D:-d − b − a − c      

42:-An open ended table allows a researcher to calculate __________ measure of central tendency.      



C:-Mean and Median       

D:-None of the above      

43:-What is the sequence of procedures a researcher has to follow in a quantitative research ?      

A:-Problem formulation, analysis, data collection, hypothesis      

B:-Hypothesis, problem formulation, data collection, data analysis      

C:-Problem formulation, hypothesis, data collection, data analysis      

D:-Data collection, data analysis, problem formulation, hypothesis      

44:-Who used the term ‘Marxology’ to designate his studies on Indian Society ?      

A:-R. K. Mukherjee       

B:-A. R. Desai       

C:-D. P. Mukherjee       

D:-Yogendra Singh      

45:-Ethnography means      

A:-Portrait of the people       

B:-Study of subjects       

C:-Data collection       

D:-All of these      

46:-Who constructed the Sociology of Indian National Movement ?      

A:-M. S. A. Rao       

B:-A. R. Desai       

C:-K. L. Sharma       

D:-D. N. Dhanagre      

47:-Choose the correct answer from the codes given below for the following . Which of the following is not linked to ideal type ?

1. Heuristic principle

2. Analytical construct

3. Moral ideal

4. Statistical average      

A:-Both 3 and 4       

B:-Only 3       

C:-Only 4       

D:-Both 1 and 4      

48:-Avunculate is      

A:-Paternal Uncle       

B:-Cousin’s Uncle       

C:-Maternal Uncle       

D:-All of these      

49:-Arrange the following thinkers in the order of their theoretical orientations given below

1.  Critical theory

2.  Structuralism

3.  Micro-macro integration

4.  Dramaturgical view      

A:-Ritzer − Levi-Strauss − Habermas − Goffman       

B:-Habermas − Levi-Strauss − Ritzer − Goffman      

C:-Goffman −  Ritzer − Habermas − Levi-Strauss       

D:-Habermas −  Ritzer − Goffman − Levi-Strauss      

50:-Empirical research denotes       

A:-Field based       

B:-Use of primary data

C:-Relying on experience       

D:-All of these      

51:- Who is most generally regarded as the founder of symbolic interactionism? 

(A) Herbert Blumer 

(B) George Herbert Mead 

(C) Max Weber 

(D) Anthony Giddens

52:-What was the Historic Bill passed in 1957?      

A:-The Kerala Panchayats Bill       

B:-Kerala Education Bill       

C:-Land Reform       

D:-None of these      

53:-Choose the correct answer Marx explained dialectics in terms of

1.  Matter

2.  Idea

3.  Existence

4.  Consciousness      

A:-Both 1 and 3       

B:-Only 1       

C:-Only 3       

D:-Both 1 and 4      

54:-Which is the software for qualitative data analysis ?      




D:-MS Excel      

55:-Which of the following options in Set 2 correctly match with Set 1     

Set 1                                              Set 2

1.  Explains the reality            −    a.  Ethnography

2.  Seeks to understand          −    b.  Grounded theory

3.  Explores the process          −    c.  Phenomenology

4.  Describes the experiences   −    d.  Case study      

A:-a − b − c − d       

B:-b − c − d − a       

C:-b − a − d − c       

D:-d − c − b − a      

56:-Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham was founded by      


B:-C. Kesavan       


D:-Narayana Guru      

57:-Choose the correct order of the ideas of the following thinkers given below :

1.  Weber   

2.  Marx  

3.  Comte  

4. Durkheim  

5. Pareto a

a. Rationalization

b.  Metaphysical Stage

c.  Supra Individual

d.  Logical Action

e.  Primitive Society

A:-a − e − b − c − d       

B:-d − e − b − c − a       

C:-a − e − c − d − b       

D:-d − e − c − b − a      

58:-Select the correct answer from the codes given below : Qualitative research is

1. Measurable  

2.  Interpretative  

3.  Inductive  

4. Personification      

A:-1 and 2       

B:-2 and 3       

C:-3 and 4       

D:-1 and 4      

59:-Choose the correct status of the following from the options given below:

Fish worker    −   Achieved Policeman      −   Ascribed Woman          −   Achieved Malayalee       −   Ascribed      

A:-Achieved, Ascribed, Achieved, Ascribed       

B:-Ascribed, Ascribed, Achieved, Ascribed      

C:-Achieved, Achieved, Ascribed, Ascribed       

D:-Ascribed, Achieved, Ascribed, Ascribed      

60:-Positivism denotes      

A:-Actors’ perceptions       

B:-Meaning adequacy       

C:-Sensory perception       

D:-Subjective understanding      

61:-Read the following statements and mark the correct answer.

1. Theory exposes phenomena

2. Theory and method need not be connected

3.  Theories are law-like regularities      

A:-All the statements are correct       

B:-Only 2 is wrong       

C:-1 and 3 are correct       

D:-Only 3 is correct      

62:-‘Class for itself’ means      

A:-Objective class situation       

B:-Subjective awareness of the class position      

C:-Existential condition       

D:-Metaphysical understanding       

63:-Choose the correct answer from the codes given below about the following sentences :

1.  Marginalization is a consequence of Globalization

2.  Tribals are marginalized in India      

A:-Only 1 is correct      

B:-Only 2 is correct      

C:-Only 2 is correct but there is causal connection between the two      

D:-Both 1 and 2 are correct but no causal connection between 1 and 2      

64:-Who among the following has viewed conflict as functional ?      


B:-Karl Marx       

C:-Max Weber       

D:-Lewis Coser      

65:-First General Secretary of SNDP was      

A:-Narayana Guru       

B:-Kumaran Asan


D:-Mannath Padmanabhan      

66:-Acculturation is not      

A:-Modifying the culture of a group through contact with others      

B:-Spreading of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another      

C:-Borrowing traits from another culture      

D:-Merging of cultures as a result of prolonged contact      

67:-Which one of the following theories employs organismic model to understand the functioning of society ?       





68:-Major features of Kerala Model of Development include:

1.  Low social indicators, High economic growth

2.  Sex ratio in favour of women

3.  Sex ratio in favour of men

4.  High social indicators, Low economic growth      

A:-1 only is true        B:-Both 1 and 2 are true      

C:-3 only is true        D:-Both 2 and 4 are true      

69:-Which are the articles of the Indian Constitution protecting the interest of the minorities ?      

A:-Articles 29 and 30       

B:-Articles 34 and 36       

C:-Articles 31 and 33       

D:-Articles 27 and 28      

70:-Green revolution introduced      

A:-HYV Seeds       

B:-Chemical Fertilizers       

C:-Pesticides and Insecticides       

D:-All of these      

71:-Match List 1 and List 2 and choose the correct answer:            

          List 1                                   List 2

1.  Instrumental Rationality           a.  Durkheim

2.  Scientism                                 b.  Marx

3.  Organismic Analogy                c.   Max Weber

4. Asiatic Mode of Production       d.  Spencer      

A:-c − a − d − b       

B:-b − a − d − c       

C:-c − b − d − a       

D:-b − a − c − d      

72:-Read the following sentences and choose the correct answer:

1.  Qualitative approach focuses on the actor

2.  Qualitative studies give primacy to individuals’ interpretation of the social world      

A:-Both 1 and 2 are correct and 2 is the correct explanation of 1      

B:-Both 1 and 2 are correct and 2 does not explain 1      

C:-1 is wrong but 2 is correct      

D:-1 is correct but 2 is wrong      

73:-Reference group allows      

A:-To use as a point of reference in making evaluations about one’s group      

B:-To differentiate one’s group from other groups      

C:-To determine the membership in a group      

D:-To create cohesion among members      

74:-Who among the following conceived dialectics as the motor force of change in history ?      

A:-Karl Marx       

B:-Karl Mannheim       

C:-Friedrich Engels       

D:-Friedrich Hegel      

75:-_________ was the first Backward Class Commission appointed by the Government of India.      

A:-Kaka Kalekar Commission       

B:-Mandel Commission       

C:-Kothari Commission       

D:-None of these      

76:-Which of the following is the report on sustainable development?      

A:-Future in yours hands       

B:-Human Development Report       

C:-Rio Country Report       

D:-Our common future      

77:-Definite procedures or rules which people are expected to observe are known as

(A) Norms 

(B) Values 

(C) Institutions 

(D) Group behaviour

78. Religion, marriage, family, caste are example of 

(A) social values 

(B) social institutions 

(C) social norms 

(D) social segmental division of society

79:-Read the following sentences and choose the correct option:

1. Conflict theorists presume that source of conflict is external to the system

2. Jeffry Alexander is not a conflict theorist      

A:-Statement 1 only is correct       

B:-Statement 2 only is correct       

C:-Both statements are correct       

D:-Both statements are wrong       

80:-When one views other cultures inferior to one’s own culture?      





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