Tamil Nadu History Books for UPSC CSE (IAS) Exam

Tamil Nadu History Books for UPSC CSE (IAS) Exam: Are you looking for a one-stop destination where you can get Tamil Nadu History Books? If so, you have come the right way and you don’t have to fret as we have organized all of them efficiently here. History plays an integral part in the UPSC Exam both in Prelims & Mains. We know how important it is to clear the Civil Service Examination. For the sake of your convenience, we have curated the List of TamilNadu History Textbooks Class wise and what to cover in them.

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The majority of the Candidates refer to the NCERT Books instead of going through the TN Board History Textbooks and fumble at the end minute. Don’t be one among them and be on right track and make the most out of the Tamil Nadu State Education Board History Books provided here.

TamilNadu History Books for UPSC Civil Service Exam Preparation

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Tamil Nadu History Books are written in a simple and lucid language so that you can retain the concepts of the subject for a long time. At times, TN History Textbooks are very much useful compared to your New NCERT Books. However, preparing from the TamilNadu State Education Board History Books is quite easy as they are more chronological. These Books can great for those who are clueless about the Kings and Kingdoms.

In fact, the Tamil Nadu State Board History Books cover the details like East India Company’s Governors-General like Dalhousie, Hastings, etc. which are not a part of the Regular NCERT Books. You can cover topics from both Textbooks as they complement each other. You can download the TN State Board History Textbooks for free of cost via quick links available and stand out from the crowd in UPSC CSE Examination.

What to Read in History Textbooks of Tamilnadu State Education Board for UPSC Exam?

Class 6Class 7
Prehistoric PeriodIndus Valley CivilizationThe Vedic PeriodJainism and BuddhismRise of KingdomsKushana EmpireKingdoms in Rajasthan, Deccan, and South India, Vijaynagar, BahmaniArab and Turkish invasionsDelhi sultanateBhakti, Sufi
Class 8Class 9
The Great MughalsRise of MarathasAdvent of EuropeansAnglo-French Struggle (Carnatic wars)Rule of East India Company: Cornwallis, Hastings, Bentinck, and Dalhousie.Revolt of 1857Ancient CivilizationsIntellectual Awakening in 6th Century B.C.Medieval AgeModern AgeIndustrial Revolution
Class 10Class 11
World history: imperialism, two world wars, UNOFreedom struggle in IndiaAncient and Medieval Indian history- upto the coming of Europeans.
Class 12
Indian History: From East India company to freedom struggle to India After independenceWorld History: Imperialism, American Revolution, French Revolution, Nazism, Fascism Two world wars, UNO, Cold war.

We wish the knowledge shared regarding the Tamil Nadu History Books has enlightened you to the possible extent. If you still have any queries feel free to reach us via comment box so that our expert team can guide you at the soonest.

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